Wednesday, January 25, 2023

My DL2Q Blog Book – Vol. 18

When Blog2Print had a 50% off sale I seized the opportunity to publish my 18th DL2Q blog book. The site has sales often enough that I rarely, if ever, pay full price. Even though the Christmas season was hectic, I carved out some time to make the volume and take advantage of the sale. Here is a random page from inside the book. Blog2Print really does a nice job.

My best intention are always to have a book in the ready to publish at a sale event, but I am usually scrabbling with the details and finalization at the end.  If you plan to use the service, be patient and be ready with your book all ready to go. At the last minute during a sales event the response time on the web site is slower. Sitting at my computer in the wee hours in the middle of the night helps somewhat. 

DianeLoves2Quilt - Volume 18: April 3, 2022 - October 19, 2022
Volume 18 contains 233 pages and 30 posts. I picked a cover that was yellow on the front to highlight the some of the blocks in my Quilt by Number quilt and yellow on the back to complement the orange and cream colors of my X Marks the Spot quilt. 

The Dedication for DL2Q Vol.18 and the subsequent Table of Contents read as follows:

I came out of COVID isolation to enjoy two local quilt shows: Voices in Cloth and a show by the Delta Quilters Guild. My completions are two large quilts "X Marks the Spot" and "Quilt by Number", a smaller child quilt "Spaceman", and two wall hangings, "Ulu-Breadfruit" and "Pineapple". I also displayed quilts outdoors monthly.
Diane I. Chambers

These are links to previous volumes and reminders to what covers I selected. Volume 12 has the best, most complete, selection of hints.

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  • DL2Q Volume 14 posted 12/28/2020 cover choice Red Hearts
  • DL2Q Volume 13 posted 04/24/2020 cover choice Solid Green
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  • DL2Q Volume 11 posted 03/04/2019 cover choice Tree
  • DL2Q Volume 10 posted 07/05/2018 cover choice Brown Swirls
  • DL2Q Volume 9 posted   06/22/2018 cover choice Polka Dots - green
  • DL2Q Volume 8 posted   06/27/2017 cover choice Polka Dots - blue
  • DL2Q Volume 7 posted   06/27/2017 cover choice Polka Dots - pink
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  • DL2Q Volume 2 posted   04/14/2014 cover choice Flowers - pink
  • DL2Q Volume 1 posted   04/17/2013 cover choice Blue Swirls

I publish these books about twice a year at uneven intervals. I tend to break at logical points between post topics or else I group posts to assure multi-post topics are not disrupted between books. These charts remind me how the books vary in the number of pages and in the quantity and length of posts. For those readers who do not wish to indulge the nerd in me, feel free to skip over the following charts that give my blog book statistics.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Blanket for Joy

Joy the Elf surreptitiously visited our house over Christmas this past year when my daughter's family were here from out of state for a holiday visit. My 10-yr-old granddaughter, Autumn, and my 7-yr-old grandson, Isaiah, eagerly looked for her in a new location each day of their visit.

During their stay my daughter and I hung out in my sewing room a bit, reviewing my stash, patterns, tools... in other words – stuff in general. In going through my drawer of panels, I came across this fabric book for The Elf on the Shelf. Autumn and Isaiah are too old for fabric books but the theme was so appropriate I decided to repurpose the panel. I cut the sections apart on the red dotted lines of snowflakes. Then I further sub-cut them into twelve square red-bordered "pages". Four of those "pages" were sized a bit larger because they were originally intended for the cover of the book. I down selected eight of the twelve pages to make a two sided blanket for Joy.

Two of the pages I chose to keep needed to be adjusted for size. I took a 3/16" tuck both vertically and horizontally, hidden at the interface between the picture and the red border so all squares were the same size. I joined the squares into two four patches and cut a pice of flannel the same size. Joining them face to face, I added the flannel to give a little bit of body, stitched along the edges, turned it right side out and pressed. With a few lines of top-stitching along the edges and along the "sashing" between the images, the blanket was complete. Here are the two sides of Joy's blanket. I will mail it to Autumn and Isaiah's house so they can give it to Joy next year when she visits from the North Pole. The downsized squares are the upper two on the second photo.

These are the four squares I chose to omit. The lower left one is curious, but I am ignorant enough about The Elf on the Shelf that I did not know how to interpret it; so I left it out. The others did not inspire me and so I opted to include the eight I liked more. I do not know what I will do with these four leftover squares, if anything. I suppose a pillow or two for Joy is an idea. Maybe a couple of ornaments? Aargh! Why can't I just throw them out?

I also still have a landscape image of dancing elves to repurpose some way. Perhaps it can be a place mat or wall hanging. I just looked at its photo and – ugh – the least I can do is iron it!