Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cambria Trip Pseudo Shop Hop Purchases

This weekend my husband and I went for a weekend away near the Central California coast at a Lodge called Cambria Pines.  He is great with indulging me in my fabric weakness and we stopped at a bunch of quilt stores on the drive down and back and here are my purchases.  I was shameless, but a lot of it was on sale or clearance and all of it just dang irresistible (obviously).  This post is mainly for my daughter since she is of the opinion you only buy fabric with a set project in mind and not for stash building.  She is in her early years as a quilter.

First stop going south were two stores in Paso Robles.  Birch Fabrics' brick and mortar store has a website called  It is a bright airy moderate size store with a lot of large scale graphic prints.  I started out slow at this store and only bought two scraps from the bargain bin, very wrinkled and totaling 1/2 yard.  The apples and pears were so bright and cheery. Owls seem to be in lately and I used to collect them in my high school and college years.  I can see fussy cutting the owls and tress and making a small wall hanging for a baby's room.  I just noticed both pieces have my penchant for dots in them.  I did not notice this at time of purchase- really!

The second shop on the way south was The Quiltery in Paso Robles,  This was a small shop but the owner had a niece who did lovely tole painting on her counter and shelving.  (I did not think to take a photo, duh!)  She was selling 1/2 yard bundles of 15 fabrics for $20.  I bought one for the unusual greens, beiges and blacks. Unusual for me; I tend buy jewel tones and reds for some reason but am remedying that situation.  Ya gotta admit though, the dancing lambs and flitting bumble bees that were included are cute.  Hmm... only 14 fabrics here.. dunno why the 15th is not in the photo.

On the return trip home from our three-day, two-night getaway we went to the Cotton Ball in Morro Bay,  I bought very little here but the outstanding features of this shop were some oil painting of quilts for sale (~$2000- out of my price range) and its stained glass window on the second floor.

I did add to my lack of greens and got some letters to personalize my son's jackets that seem to vanish on a regular basis.

In the next city of Atascedero there were two quilt shops.  In the shop called Sew Fun,, I hit their bargain fabrics and got three panels to make set of a stuffed toy train cars with accompanying buildings.  We have no grandkids yet but my husband is a model railroader and a train buff and we hope that some day...

Also in the 1/2 price fabrics were these beauties.  I loved the feathery blues in the one on the left and the one on the right was just plain funky and fun.

I added to my supply of flannels to make burp cloths.  No, I do not expect my son and daughter to be extremely prolific nor do I anticipate future grandchildren to be upchucking constantly; but, the burp cloths are quick and fun to sew and make good gifts.

There is one more flannel, owls again, that I could not resist, in the far right of the next photo.  The other two fabrics do have intended uses.  The polka dot is for the Grinch quilt I have planned and the wavy beige is for the animal print wall hanging I have planned.

The next three are fat quarters for which I have no intended use but that I liked.  The butterflies have those kind of swirls I am drawn to.  I thought the black and white print was cute because it had a bit of pink snuck in it... and dots of course.  Be sure to read the print on the grey one in the far left.  And yup, more dots!  I made a lot of purchases at this store because, well, my husband was busy at the hobby shop, and I had more time to be dangerous.

At the final store, The Quilters' Cupboard,, also in Atascadero, I bought a Xmas kit.  I was attracted by the unusual Christmas color scheme that included an aqua and a lime green with the red.  The technique to make it is also a deviation from matching  exact points so should be fun for a change.

I also bought some train fabric my husband gravitated to and a cheerful stripe to go with it.  It is a lovely shade of blue and reminded us both of a blueprint.

After coming home I took these photos to post and felt inspired to FINISH a project.  Which I did!  Next post: Spiral Table Runner completed.  Right now I really should cook dinner for that oh-so-patient and indulgent husband of mine :•)


  1. Wow - it sounds like you have a lot of "baby" projects in the works. Hopefully your friends start having grandkids or you'll have to open an online Etsy baby quilt shop since I don't think that Robin or I will be popping out kids anytime soon. Turns out, they make huge messes (which I realized after having a few over with their parents at a recent dinner party)! I need more time to enjoy my clean house!

  2. Gah! I wrote you a thoughtful and long-winded comment extolling the virtues of your photos and your fabric (especially the owls, the feathery blue flannel, and the cherries in the 15-piecer). but then I logged in today, wondering why you hadn't responded and... no comment Augh!

    Heh. I second Carrie on the "no grandkids for at least a bit yet," but... it's good that you're prepared. I keep hearing a little stash never hurt anyone :-) and I too am in frantic "must beat the rush when it comes to kid products" mode because well, I am definitely to the age where a lot of my friends are crossing over to parenthood.

    I also love that blueprint train fabric, and I am excited for that present quilt - I bet it will turn out super cute!