Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fat Quarter Storage and a Wee Bit o' Crochet

I have done no quilting since the last WIP but I have progressed on sewing room organization.  I have this Varde kitchen island that I bought at a garage sale and it is perfect to house my fat quarters. I standardize my folding sequence for my fat quarters- in half parallel to the selvage and in half again, same direction- then in half and then thirds in the other direction.  The 18 inch length winds up divided by 6 for a 3 inch height that fits just perfectly in two rows in each of the twelve drawers.  Yes, I have filled it to capacity with my stash of fat quarters and fabric pieces that are less than one yard.  Upon research, I found I can purchase another, new one, here.  Friday night my husband and I went to IKEA and we bought a second one since the first one has worked out so well. He spend a good deal of his day off Monday waiting for the delivery and then assembling each of the twelve drawers.  What a guy!


My husband also saw this link for a sample IKEA sewing room while searching for the Varde kitchen island like the one we bought and I wanted to share it with those of you who read this blog.  It is truly an inspiration.  Here is just one sample picture from the link.  The fronts of this quilter's drawers are padded foam core fabric inserts but in my arrangement I actually see two fat quarters peeking through each drawer front so I can see the color coding of the drawers. Do browse through the rest of the sewing room pictures.  I am considering some upright cabinets with glass doors like you see on either side of the blackboard.  Since we are now empty nesters we are considering some home sprucing up.  I plan to remove carpet from sewing room and perhaps in the future I wil post some cool pix of my refreshed sewing room.

Although no quilting this week I did crochet on the flight home from Oklahoma and made this hat.  I think it will be perfect for an October baby.  The link for the pattern for it is at this URL.  I chose a more realistic burnt orange color instead of a bright orange and think it came out very cute.

Completed projects:
  1. Pumpkin baby hat
  2. Purchase and delivery of second fat quarter cabinet.
Ongoing projects:
  1. Frank is still working on assembly of rest of 12 drawer cabinet
  2. Pink/lilac/green baby quilt - being returned from free-motion quilter, will bind it when I get it.
  3. Doll quilt - with free-motion quilter
  4. Chicken quilt -  bought spray baste 505 online from Amazon to try myself to do free-motion quilting on this quilt- awaiting delivery of 505
    No progress (but re-listed here so I do not forget and leave buried in closet):
    • Hexagon Mask Quilt - layout begun but overwhelming
    • Fire and Ice Quilt- sitting in closet awaiting decision on backing
    • Grinch Quilt - ripening on the design wall
    • Pumpkin/Iris/Blossom square wall hanging- needs backing and binding
    I want to start:
    • Bug baby quilt- more on this later
    • Presents with Bows quilt kit
    • The Ghastlies- strip quilt
    • Rubber Duckies strip quilt
    This week's stats:
         Completed  projects - 1 
         New projects - 0 
         Currently in progress - 3

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    1. Hi there! Love that little hat... how cute! Thank you for the info re: IKEA. Going to check it out right now!

    2. I am happy to hear that my sewing room has inspired you in some way. I spent a lot of time considering how to put it together so that it would be pleasant in form and function. I also took the time to share my ideas and to describe how I accomplished them in detail. Perhaps that is why it saddens me to find one of my photographs simply snatched and inserted into another site. I wish you would simply have asked, that would have spared me the necessity to politely request that you remove my photograph from your blog.

      Thank you,

      1. Dear Connie,

        I am truly sorry that I saddened you. That was not my intent. Perhaps if you spend some time in your gorgeous sewing room, your spirits will be boosted there up among the trees. You really did a great job designing it. I appreciate you sharing it with the quilting community.

        In my defense, however, I will point out that I did not simply "snatch" your photo... I provided the link to your site where I found it along with the praise that it was truly an inspiration. Since the photo could be found merely by googling, I was not aware I needed permission to provide a link to it. Again, my apologies. My offense was inadvertent.

    3. Thank you so much for the removing it, I honestly appreciate it. I did notice that in addition to publishing my photo here, that you also kindly provided a link to the site where I host my photos. I do believe it was merely your intent to share that information with your readers. I simply prefer to keep my content my own. I did not want, or intend, for my request to upset you, that is why I contacted you rather than Google. I hope we are now parting as friends. (:


    4. I don't understand your taking offense from this posting. I would take it as a compliment and be honored that someone admired my work and ideas enough to post them as long as they credit the source. It's not like you designed the cabinet, it's available for anyone to buy. What if someone adds it to a Pinterest board? She's not taking credit for your idea for using this in your sewing room. She's merely sharing YOUR idea. Why does it matter if it's viewed on your blog or on Google? It was the highest compliment anyone could give, or get! Que sera, I guess.

      1. Thank you for your support, Rebecca. I too was a bit surprised that offense was taken but it was not too much effort to remove so why make enemies if I can avoid it?