Saturday, January 5, 2013

Colorway 5- Final Blocks on Churn Dash-ish Quilt

I just finished the fifth and last colorway of blocks. To tell the truth I am feeling a bit sad to see that the piecing is over.  Oh yes, there is much more to be done before this is a quilt, but I love the piecing part best... and playing with the colors part best... and learning a new pattern best.

Colorway 5 was reds, blues, and greens. I was not expecting the contrast to be very effective but was pleasantly surprised.  (Hmmm... I wonder if that is the down side of getting really good at quilt design and color selection – you are no longer surprised at how the quilt turns out.) Anyway here are the concentric rectangle blocks and the churn dash blocks.

And here are the assembled blocks.  I think my favorite ones have the green background, top center and lower right. I like the way the two tones of green flow.  The two red backgrounds, top right and bottom left, are so twin-like I miss the movement within the block. 

Now it is time to position the 30 blocks, intermixing the five colorways and varying the orientation.  My plan is to sort of place the high contrast blocks in the center and the less contrasting ones toward the edges.  If the blocks are all different, this stage often takes longer for me than the piecing. Here is the collage of pictures from the five colorways.  It is pretty chaotic; looks like I have my work cut out for me. I hope the left side of my brain lets the right side of my brain play and does not try to dominate the process by imposing some arbitrary rules. I already feel the itch to organize by color in a rainbow like sequence ...

I am pretty sure this is a quilt that will have no borders and just a narrow binding.  I think I will select a batik for the backing and binding.  I am leaning toward a medium toned batik for the binding but a batik on the pale side for the backing. Also I started pondering quilting patterns and came up empty.  I have not been inspired for a name either. I will need to sleep on it – for several nights. The Dash-in-the-Box Pattern gave no suggestions for quilting designs but at least it did not have the dreaded phrase "Quilt as desired."


  1. I have really enjoyed seeing you put these blocks together. I think it will be a fantastic quilt when it's done!

  2. Thank you. My daughter just had a baby in October so she has little time for quilting and told me "Mom, for now I have to quilt vicariously through you!" Hence my blow by blow detail. I am glad you enjoyed watching the step by step process as well.

  3. Wow. You really shot through piecing this quilt! And I am loving the vicarious quilting. I will admit to being nervous as to how all those bright colors were going to come together, but the end result looks really stunning. The modified churn dashes remind me of a numbers sign, so I suggest "rainbow by the numbers" ... no idea for quilting patterns though; maybe the next WiP Wednesday crew can help.