Monday, April 14, 2014

Second Volume of Blog Books and Granddaughters

My blog book DianeLoves2Quilt – Vol. 2 arrived and I am very pleased with its quality. I am a happy repeat customer of SharedBook having used their blog2print service. The glossy hardbound book covers blog posts from March 2013 – February 2014. The front cover shows my granddaughter (from my daughter and son-in-law) and signifies the chronological start of the time period covered by the blog book.

The back cover hints at my granddaughter-to-be (from my son and daughter-in-law), not yet born at the time of publication, and marks the closure of the time period encompassed by the blog book.

The color of the book cover was intentionally chosen as pink for two granddaughters. I decided to change the cover color with each volume. Not only does this make each volume distinct, but I will not become frustrated if a certain cover color option is discontinued in the future. The dedication for Volume 2 reads:

This was the year of the baby. My Granddaughter Autumn in Oklahoma (front cover) was rapidly changing from a baby to a toddler, 5 months to 16 months old. My granddaughter to be (still in hiding on back cover) is due to enter into the world in Southern California at the end of March, after this book is published.

For Volume 2, I did select the large picture size option instead of the default size and am quite happy with it. My blog online has extra-large pictures selected but I do not think the super size is an option for the blog book. I am also continuing the habit of giving dates for my posts or spelling out an entire URL so hard copy readers still have a way of looking up my references since clicking on a link is not possible. I also included comments with the posts this time, which I think adds to the fun. For a review and lessons learned from DianeLoves2Quilt – Vol. 1 see my April 17, 2013 post about my first blog book. Here is a page midway through Volume 2 that shows how the post headings, pictures, comments, and footers are handled. Everything in the side borders when viewed online, such as ads, are excluded.

My second granddaughter (Vol. 2) has since appeared, nine days past her due date, on Sunday, April 6. Here is Vivian at two days old, daughter of my son and his wife.

And here is the most recent picture of my first granddaughter (Vol. 1), her cousin, 18-month old Autumn, daughter of my daughter and her husband.

Pardon the pun, but these two photos speak volumes. I dare say these two adorable little girls will play a large role in my sewing projects in the year to come. 

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