Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Counting Monkey Cloth Book

I made this book last night for my granddaughter in Oklahoma. At nearly two years old, she is a getting a bit beyond the age for cloth books but she is learning to count so it is a conundrum if it is still appropriate for her. The animals in it are cute and she can still have fun with a "Find Waldo" type activity locating and counting them. It was either sew it up now or forever let it sit in my stash and, since I am about to visit soon, I can give it to her in person. 

The book is titled Monkey Mischief by Henry Glass Fabrics. Sixteen different dye colors went into this little book. Wow! No wonder it is so cheerful!

Here are the inner pages and back cover.

I also have a second one of these for my now nearly five month old granddaughter in Southern California - a bit more age appropriate I think. It is in the works and will be sent off to her shortly. It won't be a surprise :-o since I blogged about it, but it can be something to look forward to :•) . Besides she is still too young to read this post!

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