Tuesday, May 9, 2017

More Babies, More Burp Cloths

I slipped into burp cloth production mode again. My daughter's friend who was the matron of honor at her wedding and her husband are having a baby, gender undisclosed. My son-in-law's brother and his wife are having a baby girl. All these flannels I had in my stash. I keep a generous stock of flannel; anytime I see something cute that I just cannot resist I snap it up. I aim to have gender neutral fabric variety on hand. Semper burp-ready.

I like the irony of the next fabric pairing - the fox and the hounds(tooth)

The buttercups and yellow polka dot toadstools on the fox print just called for a bright yellow speckled flannel partner.

Yellow and white geese with orange feet march happily along paired with a sunny colored background dotted with raindrop size orange circles. Splash, splash anyone?

A mint green giraffe skin print... why not? It goes great with the yellow giraffes on a mint background.

I only had one fat quarter of each of these prints so I could not make a complementary pair of burp cloths. But for this one burp cloth, folded over to show the back, I do think those white dots on a green background remind me of the owls' eyes. These nine completed burp cloths could be for either a boy or a girl.

I had 1½ yards of this barnyard print in my flannel drawer. I loved the cheerfulness of the pattern and bought three times the amount I usually do. I claim it was because of the large scale of the print, but, truth be told, I just really liked it – a lot. The way the animals sounds are spelled out and scattered among the cartoon pigs, sheep, ducks, cows, hens, and chicks requires two photos of the back of two burp cloths to capture all the whimsical details. The finished longer dimension of the burp cloth is 20" indicating that each animal vignette is 4"-5" big. The pink, lilac, and turquoise colors, and the sprinkling of flowers throughout, say "little girl" to me. (There went my gender neutral guideline for advance purchase.)

Although I usually gift burp cloths in an assortment of prints I chose to pair an array of solid colors with this one girlish print. I made three pair of complementary burp cloths – pink, lilac, and turquoise.

One of my favorite parts of quilting and sewing is the fabric selections and combinations. Burp cloths are especially fun because gratification from the end project comes quickly and I get to play with a lot of fabric pairings. All that is left now is for me to pre-wash the burp cloths before sending them off. I use Shout® Color Catchers® so if any of these bright colors bleed into the wash water, the dye will be captured before it can settle somewhere else. These burp cloths take two fat quarters each and are triple thickness in the middle section for extra absorbency. Instructions for them are in my June 18, 2014 post


  1. That fox fabric is amazing - and that first burp cloth is easily the most amazing of the bunch. But, they're all pretty awesome! I am sure both recipients will enjoy their burp cloths immensely, and it's always fun to see new pairings!

    1. I will admit that the houndstooth and fox is also my favorite. Stay tuned for another post in the not too distant future about burp cloths for twin baby girls. The fun will continue!