Thursday, April 7, 2016

What Did You Buy?

My daughter Robin, a mother of a 3½ year old girl and an 8 month old boy, is a quilter and seamstress with very limited spare time. She loves to enjoy her craft vicariously through me so even if all I do is buy something, I like to share with her. "OK, Mom. What'd ya buy?" This post is mainly for her but I enjoy when others read along, too.

Today I met with my Hand-Quilter Sweet Sixteen club at the learning center, an annex of The Cotton Patch quilt shop in Lafayette where most of us bought our sit down long arms. We meet every other month and share knowledge and tips about thread, tension, marking tools, quilting speed, gripping methods, bulk management, sliding surfaces, etc. An HQ16 is set up for us to try out designs or methods or just practice. Most fun is that we bring quilts we have quilted and get kudos, or else we bring ones we are about to quilt and get input on what designs to quilt them with. I really admired one of the borders club member Joan showed. I love the way the double stitching that is slightly offset gives the effect of an artsy sketch. She did a single curvy spine in one direction and on the return she repeated the spine and added the doubled leaves and tendrils. I think it is really classy. I need to remember this one – once I am confident enough with my FMQ to use contrasting color thread.

After the morning's club meeting, I often walk from the learning annex across the street to the quilt shop itself "just to look". The Cotton Patch is 30 miles from my home and has the very best selection of flannels around. I needed to replenish my non-novelty flannels to pair with novelty flannel prints for when I am called upon to make more burp cloths.

I picked up half-yards of these six flannels to have on hand. I do limit myself to just one drawer of flannels (Feb 10, 2016 post) and these just squeezed in there. They are folded the way I fold my half-yard pieces: in fourths along the WOF and then in half and then thirds along the 18" length. This sequence gives me 3" high rectangles that are just the height and width for the drawers in my IKEA cabinet. Paired with six half-yards of novelty flannels, I will be able to make a dozen burp cloths. I have a third granddaughter on the way in May so some of those will undoubtedly go to her.

I am a member of the fabric club at The Cotton Patch so I get 20% off all non-sale fabrics and each month a coupon for 25% off a selected item category. This month the category was rotary cutters, mats, and rulers. I used it to buy The Jaybird Quilts Sidekick ruler in two sizes. I have the Hex N More ruler and love it. I am using it on my Whirligig quilt in progress (Feb 17, 2016 post). I am hopeful the Sidekick ruler will be a versatile and useful.

I also bought a book of twenty baby quilts by It's Sew Emma patterns that use fat quarters. I like the ducks and I like the bows. There is an airplane one and a few others in the book that are very appealing but I am not that comfortable with solid white backgrounds, especially for a baby. I will need to play with the color palettes.

I also bought three pink buttons for a crocheted sweater for my granddaughter Autumn in Oklahoma. My daughter phoned yesterday with a cute story about her. Autumn really likes a lilac cardigan with pink trim I crocheted for her and apparently finds excuses to wear it around the house even when it is not particularly chilly (and even though it is marginally too small). She wanted to wear it to day care which her mom discourages due to its hand-made nature. Autumn promised she would wear it there and then leave it in her cubby, which is a suitable compromise. She went running into daycare and bragged to her friends this was the sweater my Grandma made for me! (Jan 16, 2016 post) Of course Grandma needs to make another. I think perhaps pink this time and perhaps with these swirly buttons and definitely a larger size!

On my way home I stopped at a quilt shop in Danville, 20 miles from my house, Wooden Gate Quilts.
There I was looking to fill in some green in my stash that I was low on when I was pulling fabrics for a quilt for my third granddaughter (Mar 31, 2016 post). I picked up  a half-yard of the olive solid and one yard of the ombre stripe. The purple trees/triangles was peeking out of the bargain bin and caught my eye. I caved and bought the one yard remnant, with no clear idea of what I will do with it.

Note that the mottled olive half-yard is folded to fit in my half-yard drawers.

At Wooden Gate Quilts I also got some fat quarters. I think the first one all the way on the left caught my eye because it was like the purple tree/triangle fabric I fished out of the bargain bin. The other four, well, once you get started, ya know, it is hard to stop. They were not selected to coordinate but, laid out like this, I do like the color palette. I just noticed the far right fat quarter goes with that sale yard of purple trees/triangles fabric.

I re-folded these fat quarters as I do all my fat quarters, twice across the half width of the fat quarter; then in half and then thirds along the 18" length. My 3" high rectangles stand in a double rows in my drawers, pretty much by color.

See anything you like, Robin? Just speak up! You know I'll share.


  1. Ha! Well, the main thing I like (right now, anyway) is getting to live through you vicariously - which I can't do if all your stuff is at my house! And if you want to talk me into something, show me a picture of your 1+ Yard cuts, for currently I am in a clothing phase. I do love those buttons, though, and that FMQ design. The ducks pattern is also adorable, but I bet you'll get around to it before I will, even with your backlog.

  2. I only skimmed this post, but wanted to let you know that we are very well stocked up on burp cloths, so don't feel too much pressure to crank those new ones out by May. I saved all the ones that you made for Vivian. ��

    1. I am sure you did not toss out Vivian's burp cloths. I do not feel pressured but I would like for Baby # 2 to have some fresh ones of her own. I will try very hard not to inundate you!

    2. Thank you! What we need more than new clothes and burp clothes and blankets are the essentials this time around - boring stuff, like diapers, wipes, Desitin, and nursing bras. We have a small registry on Amazon.

  3. Just like your projects, your stash is so well thought out and organized. I have a question - how do you store scrap pieces or cuts that are not fat quarter, half yard or whole yard? They give me fits since they don't fold neatly and, if folded, I have no clue how much of it I actually have. Just curious if you have tips.


    1. If it is between 1/2 yard and one yard, I fold it like a 1/2 yard storage configuration. I fold it into 1/4 WOF wide cross grain and then fold up along anything greater than 18 along the length up at 18", then in half (9") and then thirds (3") and store it on edge with 1/2 yard cuts in my drawers. Final dimension 1/4 width of fabric by 3" high. This height fits in my drawers so I can see the edges.

      If it is between 1/4 yard and 1/2 yard I want it to fit with my fat quarters. I again adhere to the fold at 1/8 WOF, then up at 18" then 9" then in thirds to 3" and store double columned in drawers. Even if I have something 25" or 32" yard long by 1/4 width of fabric wide it folds up to starts out 18" long along in length and 1/8 WOF in width and then winds up 1/8 WOF wide by 3" tall and stored with fat quarters.

      Less than that, I store in quart size zip lock bags combined as the colors were in the quilt they came from. After all, if the colors went together then, they probably will in a future project. I then store these packets in a plastic bins kicked under my drawered storage units. Someday, maybe someday, these will be a scrap quilt. For now I have enough stash and enough things I want to do that I do not have the incentive to make a randomized scrap quilt even though many of them are extremely lovely. I also cannot throw out those darn scraps. They can be used for paper piecing or appliqués if I ever do either.

      For ideas on scrap quilts check out

      Thanks for visiting and asking, Tami