Tuesday, July 26, 2016

OKC Purchases

I just returned from Oklahoma City visiting my daughter and her family and celebrating a grandson's first birthday. Of course I took in a quilt shop while there. The Oklahoma Quiltworks' entry for their 2016 shop hop was titled Bricktown and I was very impressed with it. The intermixed shades of tone-on-tone mini-print reds are very subtle but very effective.

A closeup of the channel quilting reveals how it sets off the angularity of the quilt pattern itself. The blockiness is very masonry and bricklike.

They had a pattern for this beauty for sale and I bought it.

The title Bricktown is an appropriate allusion to the downtown restoration of former a warehouse district in Oklahoma City into a thriving dining and local entertainment area. There are canal boat rides, pleasant waterside esplanades to stroll along, a ball park, movie theatre, and a bit of shopping.

Oklahoma Quiltworks also had jelly rolls for sale from Robert Kaufman Blueberry Park fabric line. These jelly rolls are not pre-cuts from the manufacturer but were custom cut by the store staff. What patience! I loved this set of twenty-four 2½" strips from just the pink and purples portion of the line.

The lighter colors are to the left and the darker ones on the other side of the roll to the right. I love that they are a two-color combination of crisp white and only one other color and that the hue variation occurs among the strips. Blueberry Park fabrics are a white overprinted on Kona solids. These prints may become another one of my "reads like a solid" options and I will treat them as I do my polka dot collection.

The store was sold out of their custom assembled jelly rolls in blue tones otherwise I might have sprung for that one also. I passed on the roll of golds and olives. The  palette for the entire Blueberry Park line contains greys, blacks, browns, and beiges. I am glad there was this down select option that omitted the more neutral tones.

I also bought these two patterns for bags and baskets, each made from 2½" strips. They are from Aunties Two Patterns: AT284 Camden Bowls on the left and AT285 Camden Bags on the right. The Aunties Two website is a treat to visit and also has some free patterns, so check it out.

Each bowl or bag uses only part of a roll of double sided fusible webbing called Bosal Duet-Fuse.

I thought making a bowl or bag would be fun. I would use a bowl to corral small items in my sewing room, or perhaps remotes, etc in the TV room. It is a small project and a new learning medium and technique. It would also be a diversion from a large quilt undertaking. I do not necessarily plan to make a bowl or bag out of the Blueberry Park strips I just bought; but I have a fairly generous supply of jelly rolls to practice with already home in my stash.

So, I did not buy a ton of fabric and I did not buy any kits! So far, I am holding on strong to my "no more than two kit purchases in 2016" resolution. Even though my daughter had to be at work while I was at the quilt shop 😞, I showed her my purchases in person 👍. Nevertheless, I am keeping the tradition of blogging about what I bought.

Oh, and by the way, here is the grandson who turned one during this visit to Oklahoma. His new Little Tikes Cozy Truck was a first birthday present. Isaiah is definitely a climber!


  1. Well, I'll admit *my* favorite photo is the one at the bottom, but those are some good purchases! I agree that the tone-on-tone red of the Bricktown quilt turned out nice,. and I too love that Jelly roll. I think I like it even more now that I see the whole line and realize how much work went into the down-select.

    1. I really do like this line. It will make great blenders. I hope it sticks around for a while. It has the potential to be a classic. I think the final photo also has the makings of a classic...