Saturday, August 27, 2016

Purchases at American Jane Open House

Yesterday I went to an American Jane fabric Open House with my sister and a quilter friend. We had a blast and spent about two hours there. The Open Houses are held quarterly and the last time I went to one of these was in June. Whenever I go fabric shopping, I catalog my purchases to share with my daughter. This is my requisite post..

I stocked up on the basic blenders designed by Sandy Klop that I love. I reach for her versatile designs quite often. I am currently using her blue checks in my Whirligigs in progress and so picked up some to backfill in my stash. I had used up my brown Pezzy print in a seaside themed pillowcase August 17 and my orange Pezzy print in my orange and grey quilt August 10 and so replenished them as well.  Every time I see a striped fabric I pick it up for future use as well and I liked these three bold ones in green, yellow, and blue. Each of these cuts was ½ yard.

I also bought a stack of ½ yard cuts of teeny tiny mini grid in navy, red, yellow, light blue, pink and green.

I bought ½ yard each of these 4-in-1 fabrics in both orange and green. I love that each has two dot sizes and two check sizes within one width of fabric.  The fabric is folded along the cross grain to show all four print options within one length of yardage. The cute narrow tape measure dividers are a fun bonus.

One yard of this alphabet fabric offers all the letters of the alphabet both in upper and lower case. There are two capital A's and ten small a's. My guess is that the quantity of each of the other letters was decided by their average frequency of use because the count varies among the letters.

My impulse purchase that I have no particular plan for was a set of one dozen strips in this lovely turquoisey-teal blend. I have been wanting to try out this basket pattern from Aunties Two I'd bought while in Oklahoma, so this may be a good candidate with a few additions from my stash.

I also bought ½ yard of this connect the dots fabric - just for fun - to incorporate as a few scattered squares in a child's quilt.

My sister sews but she does not quilt. Her purchases were mostly in 1¼ to 1½ lengths, oriented toward grandchildren clothing. This daisy fabric is destined for sundresses with yellow trim for two granddaughters.

The connect the dot prints is for a grandson who is hooked on the past time.

The fun part of shopping with others is seeing what they buy and then oohing and aahing over their choices. The somewhat disadvantageous part of shopping with friends and family is that you each finish shopping at slightly different times and then check out separately. "Don't rush," we say to each other. "I will just look around a bit more."  The result is that each of us made multiple trips to the register, finding more must-haves while waiting. On my third and final trip to the register I caved and bought a kit. A sample had been made up and it was gorgeous. It was a Dresden plate pattern all in blues and both my sister and my friend agreed it would match my living room couch perfectly.  The photo does not really do the colors justice. I hesitated in its purchase only because I really and honestly could not remember if it would be my second and final kit of 2016 or if I had already reached my self-appointed quota of two only. Alas, when I came home and referred to the kit count on my blog, I was reminded it was indeed my third kit of the year and I had broken my promise to myself. Guess I better sew it up quick so the evidence is gone.

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