Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Surprisingly Multipurpose Tool

Some finicky threads, metallics for example, do not like to have an extra twist introduced into them when un-spooling. A couple months ago, I was using a variegated cotton thread and I have heard that sometimes, because of the variations introduced by the different colors of the dye, variegated threads can also be a bit more prone to breakage. Since my spool was a straight-wound, I felt it should be dispensed from the side, not from the top, as cross-wound cones are. Superior Threads has a great discussion on this topic at

I bought a horizontal thread spool holder for my HQ16 Heidi so I would be prepared and ward off any breakage issues. When not in use, the holder can be pivoted up and out of the way so it does not interfere with the thread path spooling off from the top of the more conventional vertical spindle. It worked very well for its designed use.

When I was working on a later project FMQ-ing my orange and gray quilt, every time I got up from the machine I would lose one of my tools – be it my thread clips, my ruler, or very often one or both of my gloves – I would invariably spend precious quilting time searching. Sigh. Often I feel I spend as much time looking for stuff as I do quilting. This time (one of many) I could not find one of my gloves. I looked here and there. I looked high and low. Looking low finally paid off. I found my globe clinging to one of the legs of my chair.

Then I had an idea. I found an alternate use for that horizontal thread holder. When pivoted vertically, it made the perfect perch for my gloves. I would take them off, turn the cuff of one over the cuff of the other, and place them over the thread post. Perfect.

Note directly in front of the gloves, I also found the perfect location for my thread clips. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Some tools are more versatile than you realize. It is always a good feeling to be able to multipurpose something you just bought. Now where did that ruler go... ? It is probably hiding within the folds of the quilt. I had it just a minute ago... Oh well. Guess I will go be social at Let's Bee Social #139.


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    1. Good to know, yes. But can I remember? maybe... Thanks for dropping by

  2. Great tips, Diane! Now where did I leave my glasses?

    1. Ha! Reminds me of the song Oh No. Listen to it here