Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dolls and Tools and a Bit of Crochet

One stripe inset or two?
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This week I finished the paisley border with the inset hearts on the doll quilt.  Getting the hearts lined up took a bit of care but my math calculations for the pieces of border to cut, which I checked and rechecked many times before cutting the fabric,  were accurate and so adding the borders went fairly smoothly. Now I looked at it and decided it may need another striped border before the binding.  Aaargh!  Well that should not be too hard to add - only an inch width plus seam allowances and no insets.  Right now I am leaning toward no second stripe but it will need to ripen on the wall a bit before the decision is final.  Yesterday the decision was to include the second stripe border.  Then I will need to piece the backing fabric and make the binding.  It is hard to believe that finishing up a project takes so much effort!  And here is the book and pattern that started it all off.

Book by Debbie Mumm
Country Cousins Pattern

At least I made some progress on other items as well.

Completed projects:
  1. Tool quilt - see details here 

Ongoing projects:
  1. Doll quilt - heart border on 
  2. Pastel crocheted afghan - ripped it out- not laying flat- restarted- much better
  3. Pink/lilac/green baby quilt for grand niece - pattern decided, cutting out pieces 
  4. Chicken quilt - made binding and picked backing
    No progress:
    • Hexagon Mask Quilt - layout begun but overwhelming
    • Fire and Ice Quilt- sitting in closet awaiting decision on backing
    • Grinch Quilt - ripening on the design wall
    • Pumpkin/Iris/Blossom square wall hanging- needs backing and binding
    I want to start:
    • Presents with Bows quilt kit
    • The Ghastlies- strip quilt
    • Rubber Duckies strip quilt
    This week's stats:
         Completed  projects - 1 
         New projects - 1 (started crocheting small afghan)
         Currently in progress - 4

    WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


    1. two lovely quilts...I especially like the tool quilt. It is so hard to find interesting quilts for men

    2. You're really cranking through projects! Way to go!