Friday, February 3, 2012

Halloween Quilt- Completed

I finished sewing on the binding and even added a label to the back with my name and date.

The label is the last step of a quilt but somehow I dread doing that part. I generally embroider my name on grosgrain ribbon with my Pfaff, but it usually takes me more than one try due to thread breakage or uneven letter spacing. I think I will make myself a rule that after I make the binding I will sew the label, so that when the quilt returns from my quilter, all I need to do is stitch the completed label on.  Here are the appliqued Jack O' Lanterns up close and a glimpse of the backing fabric, which reminds me of candy corn.  

There are two previous posts on this quilt.  This one is where I was deciding the binding.   You also can see a close-up of the binding along the left side of the wall hanging, in the photo below.  It is machine stitched on and not hand sewn from the back.  I did get those pumpkins and haunted houses to line up just so, though.

Go here to see more detail in the quilting. Mary Anne put in sawtooth stitching lines and curlicues that I love.

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  1. Congratulations on the finish! the binding looks good, and I love this quilt!