Friday, February 3, 2012

Ladybug Pillowcase- Completed

There is something to be said for small projects.  They give you such a sense of satisfaction and no UFOs.  Last night, instead of sitting in front of the TV, I went upstairs and sewed.  Often by the time evening comes, after a day of work or a after dance lesson, I just become a couch potato. I rationalize it, somewhat, by "I am knitting" or "I am bonding with my husband".  But last night I decided to do a small kit I had just purchased simply because the fabric combination really appealed to me.  I did not start until after 9 PM and but it was totally finished about an hour later, complete with French seams with no raw edges

The materials for this project – 3/4 yard for the main fabric, 1/3 yd for the band fabric, and 4 inch fabric strip for the accent strip – as packed up in a little zip lock bag took up less space than the finished product. But the finished pillowcase, ah, that will be stored in a room other than my sewing room.  Here are those ladybugs up close. Aren't they adorable? I do seem to have a penchant for dots!

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  1. Dots, dots, everywhere... at least it's good to have a signature feature? I have no idea what mine is yet, unless you count "really bright colors." But I love this pillowcase and you sure are much faster at them than I am! those 2 care bear pillows I made took me 2 days! The colors are just perfect though, and I too am like "well, when I finish it at least I won't have to store it in my sash drawer any more!"