Monday, February 12, 2018

Ten More Burp Cloths for Grandson

In my previous post I made six burp cloths for my grandson due to arrive in April. Yesterday and today I made ten more. I just love pairing the colors and patterns of flannel. I also like to explain my choices. It must be the engineer in me beating down the artist – logical left brain striving to dominate artistic right brain. That's OK as long as I am having fun doing it.

Houndstooth screams boy to me. I thought the curvy scrolls were a nice softener and their bold blue prevents them from being feminine.

A seaside village print gave off a male nautical vibe to me. I paired it with the white and pale blue dots because the varying size circles reminded me of bubbles within the foam of ocean waves. As a bonus the white seemed to accentuate the borders on the houses.

The blue elephant with gray teddy on his back and the orange owls flying in between seem to be boyish type creatures. I drew attention to the white dots of the elephant and the gray of the teddies with the gray/white polka dot print. They elephant print and the dots were not from the same line; I chose to pair them on my own.

Here are the selvages from the flannels I used. The houndstooth (top) and gray dots (bottom) were Robert Kaufman, the scrolls (second down) Jason Yenter . I think fabric can be traced to a designer, a studio, a manufacturer, a design number or title. I never quite know which is which so I just try to keep a record by the selvages. The third and fourth selvages are DearStellaDesign and Maywood Studios respectively. The selvage on the elephant print had no lettering, at least not the half-yard I had so its primary source will remain unknown. My google image and word search did not turn up anything either. I realize that bibliographies should contain primary references, but for this fabric, the secondary source will need to remain my flannel sub-stash housed within one of my fabric drawers. 

I took a foray down the primary colored route with this animal-in-campers print. I paired it with an orange to pick up the tiger's stripes, the lion's mane, the giraffe's spots, and the occasional pennant. Hopefully my grandson will be a happy camper. 

I did another pairing of houndstooth and scrolls since I liked the angular with the curvy, this time in a softer, pale blue version.

Here are the selvages for these flannels; again, all pairings are from different sources not of the same fabric line.

Sixteen burp cloths should be enough for now especially since I suspect my son and daughter-in-law still have some more neutral-toned ones held over from baby-boy-to-be's two older sisters. I make no promises about not making more if I should come across some adorable flannel I  simply cannot pass up. My flannel drawer is beginning to look just a tad naked and I will keep my eye out for restocking. Linking up now with Let's Bee Social #216.