Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Focus... Diane... Focus

I want to do so many things for my soon-to-be grandaughter, due in October that I have started too many things at once.

Black socks, they never get dirty,
The longer you wear them the stronger they get.
Sometimes I think I should wash them,
But something inside me says No, no, not yet.
Not yet, not yet, not yet...
First there are those cuddly socks knitted out of bamboo yarn in bright luscious colors. Is it my imagination or is the left sock bigger?  I did knit them several days apart so my tension may have changed.  All the more reason to try that technique of knitting two socks at a time on one circular needle that I referred to in my previous post.  That post also shows the socks in turquoise and pink. These old eyes are having a hard time too with black yarn but I thought it just pops against the shocking pink.  It brings to mind the lyrics to that old camping song...
New topic: (...lack of focus...) I bought the following book full of items to crochet for baby and started a hat and sweater set. I am a more experienced knitter than a crocheter but can read directions and figure it out.  This pattern keeps me on my toes! It is only made with single and double crochets but what drives me batty is that the sweater body does not just go from one side to the other.  Sometimes when you change colors you go back to the beginning of the row and crochet across again in the same direction instead of just attaching the yarn and reversing directions.  The same thing with the hat. It is not just crocheted round and round but sometimes (but not always) reverses direction with a color change. I guess it must have something to do with the look of the stitches but I really do not think the average viewer can tell the difference. That is the right front just getting started and the hat need strings sewn in and a decorative button in the center of the flower. Cute though. I am about to fly out to visit my daughter in two weeks. Do I work on it now or save it for the plane?  One crochet hook is certainly more manageable than four double pointed knitting needles.  Do I dare attempt learning the new two-socks-at-a-time-on-a-circular-needle technique on a plane?

New topic: (... again, lack of focus, but after all this is a quilting blog- sort of...)
In cleaning out my sewing room to prep for hardwood floor installation I found this pack of 30 Moda pink fabric squares.  what better quick and easy mini-quilt for a baby girl.  I have a quasi-stripe-y print in mind for the border and backing that has just the perfect pink, and sneaks in some chocolate brown, but I am not revealing that to my daughter and you readers just yet.

My favorite squares are the ones in the center with all the swirls and squiggles and of course the sentiment "Love"

My last post was titled "Visit a Little, Do a Lot" and I was very distracted, pleasantly, with my sister's visit.  Now we have dear close friends from college, that we have not seem in eons, visiting and we are having a blast.  I am snatching a few moments to post this after feeling guilty about missing last WIP on the 4th of July.  I realized too late I had an extra day. We went to see the fireworks in the evening but spent most of the day prepping for their arrival on July 5th. Maybe when company leaves I will get back to quilting.  But wait, I have to pack to fly out to see my daughter. Focus, Diane, focus...

New topic: (... alas, more non-focusing...) Dare I share my works that are not in progress?  That is because I bought them already finished.  I just thought these were adorable and wanted to share pix with you. I already shipped them to my daughter and we Skyped while she opened the box.  Once gifted an item counts as complete.

I really do need to prioritize all I want to do.  I am so excited about this baby! My first grandchild! A first daughter of my first and only daughter! 

FOCUS... Diane... FOCUS...

Completed projects:
  1. Pink/black baby socks
  2. Buying and shipping Skype-ing about baby clothes
  3. Fireworks attendance- Yay!
Ongoing projects:
  1. Having a great time with college friends
  2. Crocheting baby hat and sweater in white, pink, lilac, mint
  3. Pink squares baby quilt
  4. Little witch girl quilt to be.. sneak peak here hidden in June 20th post 
  5. Duck, Duck, Goose - completed binding- change mind, will quilt by self
  6. Doll quilt - attach binding
    I want to start:
    • Peach/lilac/pink baby blanket
    • More baby socks
    • Baby crocheted dress
    • Presents with Bows quilt kit
    • The Ghastlies- strip quilt
    No progress (but re-listed here so I do not forget and leave buried in closet):
    • Hexagon Mask Quilt - layout begun but overwhelming
    • Fire and Ice Quilt- sitting in closet awaiting decision on backing
    • Grinch Quilt - ripening on the design wall
    • Pumpkin/Iris/Blossom square wall hanging- needs backing and binding

    This week's stats:
         Completed  projects - 2 (I brazenly counted ready made since it was gifted)
         New projects - 3 (crocheted set, pink squares, + doubled counted completed socks) 
         Currently in progress - too many to count

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