Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Quick Flannel Completions

My daughter was here for five days over the Christmas holiday and we had fun just hanging out in my sewing room, pulling out my fabrics, and looking at kits I had purchased and have yet to make. We just generally enjoying each other's company in the colorful ambience of oodles of fabric.  It is neat how we both share a love of color.  She really liked these blue bowls and blue tea kettle... the color of her recent May wedding. 

I rediscovered purchases I had stored away. She too fell in love with several of them and I was bemused enough to  quite gleefully let them return home with her in her itchy little hands.   I got inspired to complete some tops that just need backing and border decisiveness. I think they have mellowed enough and, after sharing ideas with Robin, I have enough renewed enthusiasm that I can move forward on them.

I was also energized to whip up some short projects that are very satisfying because they can be 100% completed rather quickly.  My daughters bridesmaid is having a baby in March.   I felt it only fair that I spend at least as much time sewing items for the baby as the bridesmaid had spent ironing my daughter's gown, train and crafting table cards and seating posters for my daughter's wedding!  I sewed up a flannel baby wrap ( two layers of flannel, no batting) and some burp cloths. The projects were quick.   The baby wrap was a flannel panel (selvages on top and bottom) that I backed with a coordinating flannel print by wrapping the edges around on either side for the vertical print borders.  Ironically the fabric was purchased when I was out visiting my daughter in OK, traveled back with me to CA, and now will be used by a baby back in OK.

I did minimal quilting around the animals and palm trees to hold the two layers of fabric together but kept it sparse so the flannel will still be able to drape softly.

There are some quilting lines around the borders, also.

 And here is the front and back of the coordinating burp cloth.

I also made two dinosaur burp cloths.

I made an owl burp cloth and a giraffe burp cloth.  I love the variety of colors and prints.  I think half the fun is picking the fabrics to pair together.

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  1. Man... I just love that Safari set so much, and I think you did a really cute job turning it into a blanket and burp cloth. I am sure B will love it!

    And, I still love that blue bird fabric, and think your pairings on the final 2 are also amazing.