Friday, January 13, 2012

Turquoise and Grey Spiral Runner

I just loved this turquoise and grey color combination of a fat quarter collection.  My daughter pointed out that when you put off doing a project, your enthusiasm and excitement of over the fabric tends to wane as other newer purchases steal the thunder.   So this fabric color combination... I wanted to sew it NOW!

I decided to make another spiral table runner.  It would fit no occasion.  It would match nothing in my home decor. I made it none the less.   I made it with a 10 degree ruler instead of a 9 degree ruler.  

With the 10 degree it came out a bit wider and longer.  When I made my  Thanksgiving spiral table runner I need 3/4 yard for backing and that is what I bought for this one.  Alas, I needed a yard so I had to go off to purchase another length of fabric. I really loved the print, anyway.  The color combination is just so unique and luscious. Guess the first 3/4 yard will just get added to my stash. I love the little rusty brown colored squirrels and hedgehogs and the itty bitty red tortoises.

Here is the top assembled... 

.. and here it is backed and quilted.

I quilted this one with an in-the-ditch zigzag along every other color interface. You can see it better on the back. Isn't that apple print just adorable?  

Here are the two spiral runners, laid on top of each other for a size comparison- the turquoise/grey one beneath made with a 10 degree ruler and the autumnal one on top made with a 9 degree ruler.  It is not much difference but enough that 3/4 yd of backing is insufficient with the 10 degrees. Just for a sense of scale the step offsets between the colors are 3/4 inch each.  The turquoise/grey runner came out thicker, too, but it's a pretty good bet that that was due to my using whatever batting I had on hand. ;•) I actually prefer the thinner Warm and Natural I used on the Thanksgiving runner.  Light weight glassware can sit on it without feeling tipsy and it seems more decorative.  The thicker batting  thermally insulates better but has a more functional look.

One especially nice part of this project was that I finally remembered to get out my good iron.  I had been sewing with my old Black and Decker clunker because of sewing glitter table covers for my daughter's wedding.  I did not want to gum up the bottom of my good iron. 

Once I resumed using my Rowenta, I was amazed at what a difference an iron can make.  Every seam was crisp and every shot of steam was strong and quick.  It was such a pleasure to work with. Filling was a dream and the pointed tip was so much easier to guide around. I had not realized how badly I was limping along with my backup iron.  Yep, those more pricey irons really are worth the extra investment.


  1. Yay Spiral Table runner! I still love that color combination, and think the runner turned out great - it is kind of nice to just sit down and DO something with fabric you're still new-purchase excited about, isn't it? Now that I have a stash, I try to alternate - one new thing that I am excited about with one older thing that in all honesty, I am more excited to have DONE.

    And that is hilarious about the iron by the way... J and I celebrate our 7 month anniversary tomorrow, and I know you had those done well before the wedding. I really like your quilting on this one, and the tree print is cute, but I think my favorite might actually be the turquoise zoo animals - they're so cheerful and eye-catchingly unique.

  2. I love this table runner! The color combination is beautiful! Good job!

  3. Your table runner is gorgeous, Diane! Love that colour combination - so crisp! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  4. Oh you and M-R make that twisty twirly stuff look so easy and yet mind-blowingly complicated! Very nicely done on both of them. I always pay a little more for a better iron (in fact saving up for a replacement right now!) because I found with a crappy iron I often burn myself with it having to iron extra long to get that crisp (i have the scars to prove that!). Bought a very good iron when we moved and I sighed forever it was so quick, easy and simply beautiful how well it iron. Once I started burning myself again I knew it was time for a new iron!

  5. Dear Diane
    I am Edit from Hungary!
    I ask your help. I got it as a present one 9 spontoon ruler. There are not samples at us to it unfortunately. Your spiral tablecloth i love it. Please you sends how I have to prepare it, pattern. Thank You!

  6. Can you email me the pattern information for this? I have the ruler and the instructions that came with the ruler, but I'm just not "getting it" - I appreciate your help and response: Thank you.