Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I Wish That I Had Duck Feet

I wish that I had duck feet.
And I can tell you why.
You can splash around in duck feet.
You don't have to keep them dry.

Do you remember that children's book?  It was one of my favorites ( and the kids', too.) That is what comes to mind each time I pick up the strip pieced Duck, Duck, Goose quilt to work on.  Well, I just found the perfect accompaniment to that quilt... knitted duck feet booties from this book. See them hanging there, third from the left? I plan to make them just as soon as I find some bright yellow yarn of the right weight.  My sister is here visiting from North Carolina and we spent most of yesterday at fabric and craft and yarn stores but that yellow yarn was not on our radar then.  We saw it in the newly purchased book after getting home (along with at least another half-dozen projects in the book that just elicited one Awwww or Ooooooh after another).


Here is an update on the status of Duck, Duck, Goose. The piecing, as I said in my previous post for this quilt, went quickly.  Then I tried FMQ and chickened out of quilting it myself.  I have become braver but plan to be less ambitious and do sections of it in straight line quilting that I can do with the pressure foot down and not need to worry about uniform stitch size.

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