Thursday, December 27, 2012

Slight Setbacks, Not Seeing Red, Mini Xmas Gifts

My daughter just pointedly hinted to me today that I have not posted a blog entry in a while.  How does one tactfully say in a quilt blog that sometimes there are life events that take precedence over quilting? By chance, most certainly not by choice, I was indisposed one long week in November passing a kidney stone. Afterwards, I did manage to whip up some mini-projects for Christmas, but then had to undergo gall bladder surgery the third week in December. (Yuck, let's avoid details on that.)

I made some Christmas flannel burp cloths in a Grinch print, an antique toys print, and a snowman and snowflake print. I forgot to take pictures of the snowman/snowflake ones but maybe my daughter will take some being clutched tightly in my granddaughter's tiny little fist. I pre-washed the red burp cloths separately and was I glad I did.  The red Grinch flannel bled terribly.  I used the quilt detergent Synthrapol and two Shout Color Catcher cloths which came out hot pink and still, the white flannel Grich print came out muddy looking.  I repeated the wash with Synthrapol and two new Color Catchers and they again turned pink and the white flannel looked awful.   I then washed them (yes, a third time) with Era laundry detergent and two more color catcher cloths (yup, up to six) and the Era removed the muddiness from the white and transferred it to the color catchers.  It is my go-to awesome detergent and I do not understand why so few stores carry it. Note: I never dried the burp cloths in the dryer between multiple washings.  They did, however, sit out a bit air drying while I was contemplating my path forward.  Here are pix of the Grinch and toys burp cloths. Note the Grinch's recovery to sparkly white. The beige toy background started beige and remained that way despite the burgundy toy flannel.

I made up two cloth books that came out really cute.  One is Winnie the Pooh themed, just like the nursery.

The artwork by Joy Allen in the second cloth book is just precious and the colors so rich and inviting.

I made another pillowcase for my son-in-law.  He is such a trooper with Elliott and Emily, the two cats that my daughter brought into the marriage. Elliott has hero worship of my highly allergic son-in-law (must be male bonding) and will not leave him alone.  At least I can supply a steady stream of pillowcases for frequent changes to go with the allergy pills for counteracting sniffles.  The cats are curious about the baby, too. 

Hope all had a Merry Christmas. Also, here's hoping I will not wait so long to post again.

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  1. Yay Blog Post! I am excited, for I have to live vicariously through your sewing at least until the holiday guests clear out of my house... I will definitely try to get you a picture of granddaughter holding burp cloth, but I will have to do laundry first. We're getting a lot of mileage out of your gift(s)! and I don't see them pictured here, but the white/snowmen cloths are actually my absolute favorite burp cloths ever now, because they are just. so. darn. soft.