Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Double Whoops! Colorway 3 Blocks and Pattern Source

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Any year that starts out with quilting is bound to be a good one!  I am about to go sew, but first, a bit on my latest progress.

Yesterday I sewed and assembled the blocks for Colorway 3, a combination of oranges, limes and lilacs. I got brave and chain-pieced six boxes at once.

Here are the six completed boxes.

I was still cautious and made only one churn dash at a time.  Just as well, too, as I was very lucky to recover from a goof.  A half-square-triangle (from the notorious step #5 of a previous post) had stuck to the underside of one of my fabric squares and I inadvertently sewed it in underneath when I was piecing another churn dash section. I had already sliced off the corner and it was only when I flipped it over to iron that I discovered my slip-up. I was able to pick out the seam for the less than 1 inch length and remove the HST and thank goodness the HST was salvageable.

But look how close I came to having no seam allowance. Eeek! There was no extra fabric to make another, that is how efficiently the pattern uses each fat quarter.  Could I possibly be exiting the honeymoon stage of this quilt?

Here are three churn dash blocks and their three complements. One of the six blocks has another, different error, that I have not yet corrected. Can you find it?

Here is what the concentric rectangles and churn dashes look like assembled with the background shapes. I like how substituting two similar fat eighths for one fat quarter lends a bit of visual interest and flow.

Now that you have seen an assembled block I will tell you that the pattern design came from A Quilter's Dream.  You can go to the web site and browse the patterns there.  Next post I will give the full link to the pattern itself just in case you have not found it yet.

I had my eighteen assembled blocks (from three colorways thus far) displayed on my design wall and my husband came in to look.  It was he who discovered the error in the churn dash block! See. He does take an interest in my hobby!  Did you find the error?  I will pick it out and fix it today. The euphoric, perfection, honeymoon phase of this quilt may be coming to a close (two goofs in one day) but so far it is just minor bickering that can be remedied with minimal effort. Here are two other assembled blocks, one from Colorway 1 (blues/greens/pinks) and one from Colorway 2 (red/blues/yellows).  Again, for these blocks, substituting two similar fat eighths for one fat quarter is effective.  I love the gold lava-like flow through the pink in the first block. The blue and yellow of the second block really play well against each other and reminds me of azure waters at a beach on a very sunny day. See those little fishies swimming through the sea?

Some other blocks (not shown) are not quite so pleasing as individuals.  Maybe they will blend in and play their part in the assembled quilt.  Or I will just leave them out if engineer wins out over artist and left brain dominates right brain.

Here is the mistake in a Colorway 3 churn dash, upper left corner, in case you gave up looking for it. I'll have to remove, rotate, and re-insert that half square triangle. Art, schmart– this is a mistake!

I will be sewing next with Colorway 4, a combination of yellow pairs, magenta pairs and turquoise pairs, for six blocks, number 19 through number 24.

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