Wednesday, February 27, 2013

WIP: Getting Ready for Autumn

I am busily working away, preparing for the visit of my four-month-old granddaughter, Autumn. 

My husband already has gotten the crib and changing table from the attic and scrubbed them thoroughly. He downloaded all safety requirements from the  internet and scoured them to be sure the crib meets all of them. Our son-in-law is not only a first time dad but also a safety engineer. My husband has also rearranged the guest room to make room for the crib and changing table. We bought new crib sheets (polka dot, of course) and a car seat base. While there I sneakily added some books and toys to the shopping cart at Babies R Us. We ordered a new pad for the changing table and I am about to sew a flannel cover for it.

I plan to use this flannel.  I still have 2 1/2 yards left after making burp cloths.

My choice of print is because Autumn, just like her mom, is a bit partial to kitties.
Notice her fascination in the next photo. 
Look closely. I used my newly learned photoshop skills to call attention to the cute parts.

Since Easter will be just a few weeks after she leaves, I would like to sew up these two cloth books to send back to Oklahoma with her.

I also want to sew up a few floor cushions.  With Autumn's mom and dad here AND my son and his wife up from Southern California AND my other son here, the house will be full and we will need extra floor lounging comfort.

Enough blogging.  I have a BABY to get ready for! (Plus her parents, her uncles, and her aunt.) Here are my stats.

Completed projects:  
  1. Shopping at Babies R Us
Ongoing projects:  
  1. Shopping at Babies R Us
  2. Cloth books
  3. Floor cushions
  4. Cleaning
New projects:  
  1. Shopping at Babies R Us
Stats since last WIP post :
     Who cares!  My granddaughter and WHOLE family will be here soon!
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  1. Love the cloth book ideas! Need to get some of those going myself. Have fun with Autumn!

  2. Glad Robin and Jeremy will get some use out of your beloved furniture from when your kids were little. You already know our plans for visiting with kids someday;-)

    Dan and I have discussed getting a hotel room for when we are up there since there really aren't enough guest bedrooms to go around. If Robin and Jeremy and the baby are in Dan's old room and Alex is in his room, the hotel might be the best option for us. Since we are flying, we don't want to bring an air mattress (plus, unless we're camping, we feel a bit too old to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor). Dan and I will confirm our plans soon and let you know where we'll be staying. No matter what, though, we'll be hanging around you guys the entire weekend!