Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WIP: Not All Quilting Progress is Sewing

What can I report on this week? Not much in terms of stitchery, but I have made progress. I finished ordering an online book that is a print-out of my blog posts bound as a book.  I should get it in about two weeks or so. The site is called SharedBook and I will report back how pleased I am with the results when I see the book. I also downloaded my March block from the And Sew On... site.  I have to buy new ink cartridges for my printer before I can print out the block pattern to paper piece. After my daughter's visit I also ordered her a FMQ book from Amazon called Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting: 50+ Visual Tutorials to Get You Started. She looked at my copy while here and really liked it, so check it out at this Amazon link. There are a lot of neat patterns with instruction on how to reproduce them yourself. In fact it has already been delivered and she is holding it in her hot little hands, salivating over when baby girl Autumn will give her the opportunity to try it out.

Also, this week I took two of my quilts to my local long arm quilter. I am excited to post pix of these when I get them back. The first one is my 50" x 60" Color Play of the Day which will be quilted in a simple allover fairly open stipple pattern with a variegated colored thread. I looked over a binder full of patterns and decided there was so much going on color-wise and graphic-wise that a simple (perhaps even boring?) quilting pattern was the way to go. I have shown only 9 of the 30 blocks here.

The second quilt was my 72" x 72" jewel toned Sunny Spring Frost quilt from the Linda Ballard pattern Earth, Wind and Fire. It is made up of sixteen 18" squares and I chose to have that quilted in a per block pattern rather than all over.  The pattern is an array of four butterflies with small daisies reaching in to each block corner. I have no pix of the pattern yet but I have shown 4 of the 16 blocks before being quilted. I chose a thread that was variegated in the yellow only family since it complements the yellow diagonal squares.  Though not quite visible in the photo the squares are from many different yellow fabrics.
Other than that, I have been perusing kits I still have and deciding if I want to start something new or continue pushing forward on works in progress.  Currently I have three small wall hangings awaiting FMQ by me – one with a trio of Jack O' Lanterns, one with about eight chicken blocks (from my I_am_really_into_barnyard_type_country era, and one with iris, blossom, and pumpkin (translation: purple, red, and gold) overlapping squares. 

I still have two large-ish quilts, my wonky Grinch and my hexagon multi-colored masks, to finish designing and assemble.


I'd rather start something new so maybe I will just sew those cloth Puddle Duck  and Bunny cloth books for Easter while I make up my mind about something more ambitious.

That's it for this week. Here are my stats.

Completed projects:
  1. Ordering my blog book
  2. Gifting my daughter the FMQ book
Ongoing projects:  
  1. Color Play of the Day - now with long arm quilter, thread/pattern decided
  2. Sunny Spring Frost - now with long arm quilter, thread/pattern decided
  3. Halloween pumpkin wall hanging - awaiting FMQ
  4. Chicken quilt - awaiting FMQ
  5. Overlapping square wall hanging - awaiting FMQ
  6. Grinch quilt - on design wall for assembly and creative sashing solution
  7. Mask quilt - hidden away in a container awaiting inspiration for arranging hexagons
  8. Scarecrow - just add his doo-dads and be done with him!
New projects:  
  1. Cloth books for Easter - barely begun.
  2. Paper pieced block of the month - downloaded but not yet printed
Stats since last WIP 3/13/13:
     Completed  projects - 2  (I count generously to boost my spirits!)
     New projects - 2 
     Currently in progress - 8- yikes!

Now I am off to check out what the rest of you have been up to at:

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  1. Your sunny spring quilt top is amazing. Great block, fabulous colours.

  2. Love the cloth books, but I haven't seen those panels. I will need to start keeping an eye out for them. I also love your kaleidoscope blocks. I think those look so neat. Look forward to seeing the end product.