Saturday, August 3, 2013

Classic Cars Assembly Line

I completed piecing the front of the cars quilt I started earlier this week and here it is with edges all trimmed even.  I get a kick out of seeing that fire chief, hands on hips, in the top section and that little fireman running with the hose in the bottom section. It reminds me of the Find Waldo pictures. The dimensions are tweaked a bit to best show off the classic car and transportation symbol fabrics, but basically the quilt is from the Check Me Out pattern by It's So Emma. I'm naming this quilt Classic Cars.

I pieced some large remainder strips of the car, transportation, and grid fabrics for the back. It is evening time here when I took the picture so a bit of sunlight in filtering into the room through the trees. The lighting is far from optimal but you get the idea.

I kept a 10" length of the car fabric instead of using it up on the back with the chance of using it on the border of a matching pillowcase. I also trimmed off and kept a couple strips of the transportation fabric to perhaps use as an accent strip in a pillowcase.  I wish I'd had more of the grid to use as a pillow case but I did not.  The body of the pillowcase may just need to be white or a color close to one of the check sections on the front of the quilt.

This is now going into my TBFMQ pile (to be free motion quilted). The FMQ at the checks will just be stitch-in-the-ditch. To keep it simple, I will outline the cars or meander among them in that wide section. Because I am not going to get carried away with the FMQ, it may go quickly, so I think I will put it at the top of the pile. At this point I plan to bind Classic Cars in this orangish red toned mini-print. Stay tuned.

If anyone is interested here are the fabrics I used as printed on their selvages.  They may still be around on eBay. I find it fun to look up information from the selvages of the fabric. Since I am not a graphic designer or art school major at all, this is an intriguing way to learn who thinks up the ideas for the fabrics I love. It also helps me keep an eye out for other fabrics by that designer. It is, in a way, like remembering the author of a book and using that info to choose your future selections.

Johnny Yanok has done work for Disney and Fisher Price. Per his website he "draws everything from adorable teddy bears to snot-filled zombies." Google his images. They are really cute. Jackie Shapiro has done work for Mattel for their Barbie line. No wonder I find these fabrics fun to play with!


  1. Great job on the car quilt, Diane! Who is it for? I love the classic car print!

  2. No designated recipient yet, but thanks for visiting and asking.