Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dress Pattern Info

My previous post generated a fair amount of interest in the patterns I used for my granddaughter's dresses. The pattern I used for the owl dress was Simplicity 8814, shown on the left and the pattern I used for the airplane dress was Simplicity 9090, shown on the right.

Both of these patterns date back to the early 1980's.  But my daughter informed me (see comment on previous post) that vintage patterns like these may still be available at the stores and are just no longer shown in the pattern catalogues.  So if you have a specific pattern number in mind, you may still be able to get it from a drawer in the pattern files.  Other source options are or eBay.

I think the next thing I make for Autumn will be from one of these Butterick patterns, handed down from my sister. These are from an even earlier time.  Note the 60 cent and 65 cent prices. I think the sailor collar and pleated skirt are a real cute combination on Butterick 5261 and I very much like the scalloped collar on Butterick 5521.

I'd better sew a bunch of stuff while she is little. Since my stash is mainly from quilting, my lengths of fabric are low yardages. You can only make so many two-toned items of mixed prints before it gets repetitious looking. The other solution, of course, is to buy more fabric...

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  1. I have not sewn any garments.... Yet. But patterns like these sure make it tempting. And any excuse to buy new fabric works for me!