Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tree Sweater Pre-Installation

This week I finished off the knitting on the tree sweater for my town's main street fall display. I blogged about this in my post for August 19, 2014. Here I tacked the sweater up on a tree in my backyard just to get a sense of how it would look. Here are some closeups of the top, middle, and bottom sections. I think I will save a full view for when it is wrapped around its designated downtown tree.

My husband and I did a fitting for it today before turning it in to City Hall. I think I made it a tad too long because I really wanted to get in that final green variegated stripe at the top. It was yarn left over from the first baby cap I made for my first granddaughter (who is named Autumn, by the way). I also wanted to add a bit of ribbing for a snug fit at the top, conforming to the vee from spreading branches. Oh, well. The good thing about knitting is that the sweater can get shorter by wrapping it a bit tighter. I really need to have the lower edge at least 24" from the ground in case passer-by doggies like it too much.

The installation is September 27th, when I will crochet closed a back seam to have it encase the tree trunk. My daughter will  happen to be visiting from Oklahoma then and she will help. This will make it a four generational tree sweater – green yarn from my granddaughter, installation help from my daughter, knitting by me, and red and beige yarn from my mom. I will have a final post on the tree sweater after the installation.


  1. Ha! I loved that hat... Autumn not so much (she wasn't big on hats in general, so don't take it personally) but that is a fun addition to your fall-colored tree sweater. I can't wait to see it in person.

  2. Yep. It was fun to add that final variegated green touch.