Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Barstools vs. Blankies

I just got back from visiting my son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughter in Southern California. In my previous post I had made the pattern for the covers on the barstools in their kitchen area and had just begun to figure out a layout diagram for cutting out the pieces. I cut slightly oversized sized rectangles for each pattern piece, packed them in my suitcase, and took them with me to SoCal, planning to trim to the exact shape during my stay. Although I had managed to finagle a cutting diagram that allowed me to get all five covers out of the yardage I had, I had no contingency for goof ups. On my next to last slice with the rotary cutter, I messed up and cut the backs 20" wide (their required length dimension) instead of the needed 23" width for wrap around. Dang! I was short the fabric for two more backs, and I would not have been, had I not made that error – which I knew the moment I slid that blade across the fabric. We flew down on Wednesday and I would have Thursday and Friday, while all were at work or daycare, to mock up at least one trial cover and try it on a barstool for fit. I would face the fabric shortage recovery plan later.

I trimmed the gusset sections for one cover.

I set up an efficient little pressing station for myself at the top of the stairs in the counter space over the hallway linen cabinet. I was going to try out my Rowenta traveling item for the first time.

I encroached upon my son's office desk area setting up my featherweight Fiona that I'd brought along.

I even had the family dog Snoopy helping me out.

Then – either I'd slept funny my first night there or I'd tweaked something maneuvering suitcases – nerve pain, or a muscle spasm, or an un-named and unwanted ailment of some sort in my neck and shoulder precluded sewing my first two days there. Aah, "the best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry"... Maybe things happen for a reason, though. I was able to reapportion the time to check out some JoAnns fabric stores in SoCal for the discontinued barstool fabric. There was none to be had in northern California. Success! A store in Huntington Beach, a 30 minute drive from my son's, had some! Yay! My husband and I drove there and my husband insisted I buy more than I needed – and with a large margin!

I was feeling better by the weekend but my window for sewing had closed, and by then, my attentions were elsewhere, namely my granddaughter. Not only did I get to play with and cuddle with her, but I also got to bask in past creations, a circular blanket I'd knit for my grown son two Christmases ago. The full saga of my son's original lost blanket from his childhood is in my post for December 26, 2013, complete with an odyssey-like poem. Suffice it to say I knitted a replica for his then-yet-to-be daughter and it was heartwarming to see her hauling the newly knit version around, down the hallway and up the hallway...

... on the stair steps, and in her mama's arms.

Here is her daddy as a baby asleep under the original.

Now would you really choose barstools over blankies?  Hmm... I do not have to think too hard about that one!

Based on my lack of headway on barstool covers, they still count as a work in progress for this week. Now I am linking up to other's WIPs at this week's Freshly Pieced.


  1. Thanks, again, for purchasing all the fabric for the barstools and making them for us! And, thanks for visiting last weekend!

    1. You are welcome. I hope to deliver finished product before too long.

  2. Fiona does look gorgeous just sitting there, waiting to be used - she ven matches the desk! I really like the fabric C&D picked, although the idea of doing the same project 4 times in quick succession makes my skin crawl :-p But, I am sur ethe chair covers will be quite the conversation piece! And they will be one (four?) of a kind for sure.

    Those photos of Vivian with that blanket are adorable. It's so sweet to see her enjoying it, and I cannot believe how much she looks like her dad. Or how incredibly red her hair is. Glad you had a good trip.

    1. I suspect those covers are not a big deal. Once begun is halfway done. Almost started them today, five and a half weeks after this post, but got side tracked. How does the time whiz by so fast?