Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Volume 5 Blog Book Arrives

A quilter friend mumbled that she was not getting much quilting done of late. She explained that her quilting area had turned into a "Christmas prep center". How true. My cutting table right now is strewn with rolls of wrapping paper, sheets of tissue paper, cardboard tubes, scissors, tape, and scraps - not the fabric kind, the curling, random-sized wrapping paper kind. Consequently, the project described in this post did not take place in the sewing room in the last several days, but rather in front of the computer a few weeks ago.

I take pride in my blog and love that it is my way of documenting my quilting and home decor and knitting activities. Since I am of the hard copy generation, lacking total buy-in to the paperless mantra, I have my blog periodically printed to books. A few days ago, DianeLoves2Quilt – Vol. 5 arrived, even earlier than promised by the printer.  It spans my posts from January 1, 2015 – June 30, 2015. I chose the green binding because it went with my Simple Gifts quilt, which I chose to feature on the front cover. My completion completion post about Simple Gifts was dated June 10, 2015.

Generally, I use the inscription to summarize and capture the general tone of the posts within.

On the back cover I showed my progress in free motion quilting with the feather I quilted into the Fun Guys quilt. The post on Fun Guys completion was dated June 14, 2015. I chose the green band from the quilt to highlight, since it went with the cover – and because my feathers were fairly presentable in this portion of the quilt.

I have been choosing a different color binding for each volume. That way if the company discontinues one, I have other choices that are not disruptive to my "library". The previous covers were blue, pink, yellow, and purple.

My views and expectation of each of these volumes can be found in the following posts:
Vol. 1 (April 17, 2013 Review of My Blog Book Sep 2011 - Mar 2013
Vol. 2 (April 14, 2014 Second Volume of Blog Books and Granddaughters) Mar 2013 - Feb 2014
Vol. 3 (March 18, 2015 Yay! My Blog Books Arrived) Feb 2014 - Aug 2014
Vol. 4 (March 18, 2015 Yay! My Blog Books Arrived) Aug 2014 - Dec 2014
Vol. 5 (December 16, 2015 Volume 5 Blog Book) Jan 2015 - Jun 2015

Here is the url I use to order the books archiving my blog posts.
My post for Vol. 1 has the most tips and information I learned from generating these books – topics like picture size, embedded links, references to other posts, captions, and background color. I have actually ordered a blog book with posts pertaining only to a quilt I was gifting. I gave this book along with the quilt. A subject-specific book like this can be a welcome accompaniment to a quilt intended for a certain special someone who would enjoy reading about the process of its creation.

Speaking of gifts, I have a few more presents to wrap that stay local. For the other presents that needed to be mailed, I wrapped, packaged, addressed, and sent them off a few days ago. Our Christmas newsletter, written last week, just got mailed today. Santa may be making his list and checking it twice. If I check things off on my list once I consider it good. For the moment I am playing hooky from more Christmas preparations to blog a bit.

But now, back to the fracas. I think I will resume knitting on the intarsia Christmas stocking for my five-month-old grandson, Isaiah. The last time I picked it up to work on it was December 1st. Yikes! I better get hopping. At least this knitting project is portable and I do not need space in my sewing room – correction, space in the "Christmas prep center" – to make progress on his stocking.


  1. Very cool. I look forward to seeing the latest book next week. I'll be bringing along the 2014 family photo album that I created and just printed for you to look at, too:-)

  2. Wow. 5 books already? That is impressive. Although, you are a fairly consistent blogger. I don't remember any post on book 4, though - but I do remember posing for that photo :-)

    And December 1 isn't half-bad for the stocking. Since we hung up Isaiah's quilt, my enthusiasm to put the dedication on the back has all but disappeared, and it's only the thought of NOT getting to count it as a 2015 finish that got me to finish the label and fuse it to the quilt Sunday. I think it had been lying untouched since October. which I suppose is still better than Christmas Traditions, which has been lying untouched since July.

    I'll admit, I did miss the "Sewing room as a Christmas Prep center" bus, but that may just be because mine's still the "Birthday fallout center." Sigh...