Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Velcro Is My New Friend

The master bedroom curtains, sewn from a striped fabric, are now completed but still have yet to be hung. Here is a section of the valance, pleated and awaiting to be hung above the window, and steamed.

While awaiting my husband's portion of the hanging task I decided to make matching window seat cushion covers. The cushions are box style with the insert made from 3" thick foam. I planned to substitute out the cushion covers I'd originally made from novelty rope fabric. Although I really liked the whimsy of the rope fabric, it did not have enough color punch. The rope covers will not go to waste. I will save them as a backup. When I strategically cut that rope fabric, I'd been able to preserve some knots. I intend to incorporate the tassel and rope sections into pillows.

The cushions from the novelty rope fabric had been fussy cut with a gusset band running around the vertical side surfaces showcasing the rope image. Then they were zippered closed in the back. The construction was non-trivial and I described it in my post for January 6, 1015. In that post the wooden seat part had not yet been painted coral.

The striped curtain fabric allowed me more freedom with an easier non-gusseted wrap type of construction style. All I needed to do was fold the length of fabric in half wrapping it around the 24" seat depth of the foam, and sew a seam on either end, pretty much like one big pillowcase but one that is wider than it is long. I added vertical seams across the two front corners and got a crisp box effect without those tricky set in gussets I struggled with on using the rope fabric.

I had to piece the fabric since it was not wide enough for the 50" wide cushion. I was able to keep the horizontal stripe repeat intact with some finagling. The stripe does have a horizontal asymmetry to it and it is possible to have it be upside down. I kept reminding myself "the wide coral is to the left of the skinny periwinkle".

Piecing required one seam on the left cushion and two seams on the right cushion. The reason for the second seam on the right was that I wanted the break between the two cushions to still repeat the stripe pattern in the correct sequence, consistently spaced. I did manage to keep the repeat sequence and spacing consistent across the divide between the two cushions. The previous photo show I succeeded. The coral stripes are equally spaced even across the crack between the two cushions.

Instead of zippers to close at the back, I folded the fabric as I would when wrapping a present, short sides in and creased at a 45°. The other two opposing flaps I folded in and instead of Scotch tape, I added velcro along the overlapping edges.

There it is, neat and tidy. The Velcro was far easier to attached than the four zippers had been.

I had previously used Velcro extensively on some bar stool covers I made for my daughter-in-law. The soft, non-snagging side of the Velcro was attached to the fabric and the stiff scratchy loop side to the wood of the chair. IKEA does have some great designs so this was a wise choice. By the way those completed chair covers are in my post for February 2, 2016. My exposure to that project gave me the idea to use Velcro in this situation. I think I learn something new from every different item I make.

Fabric choice can really make project execution easier or harder. Although I had to pay attention to the left-right directionality of the stripe orientation, those stripes were really helpful guides in keeping seams straight, matching seams, and folding edges at 45°. I guess as well as Velcro, stripes are my friend, too. Now I think I will hop over to Let's Bee Social #152 for a quick visit with my other friends.


  1. The novelty fabric is fun, but I love the colorful replacement! Pinch pleated drapes are a big undertaking (at least it would be for me) and I'm sure the room will be gorgeous when you're finished. Sure hope there will be pictures.

    Sorry I haven't been around for so long. Life just keeps overwhelming me. At the moment, I'm identifying with your picture of the "message in a bottle" from your daughter's wedding. Our son is getting married next weekend and the bride's mother chose not to participate in planning or prep, so I stepped in to help with some details. Finished tying heart-shaped charms onto bottles of bubbles last night. It's been fun, but I'm ready to get to the ceremony and stop all fussing over details.

    1. So glad to hear from you. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Really try to relax and enjoy the ceremony. You get out what you put in and all your fussing will keep you much more attuned and aware at the celebration. My daughter got married in May and my son in September of the same year so whew - I can identify! Instead of viewing yourself as being overwhelmed ( kind of a negative) try to think of yourself as being overstimulated with memories absorption (yay- a positive). It is good to see you already have a good relationship with your daughter-in-law to be. Keep it up. It is worth it. And regarding my bedroom - there will be pix - eventually.... Hope I will get to see some pix from the wedding, too.

  2. I will say, the precision cuts on that rope seat cover are impressive... but yay for velcro! it's way easier to use, and I think that is a major plus! Love the new seat cover, and yay for variety!