Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Round Blue Blanket for a Baby Boy

This is the fourth time I have knitted this circular blanket. Previously, one was for a granddaughter Vivian in yellow and green (post for December 26, 2013 ), one was for a second granddaughter Lillian in multicolor including pink (post for March 21, 2016 ), and one was for a grandson Isaiah in lime green and bright blue (post for December 17, 2016).

For a grandson due to arrive next April, I used a blend of two strands of Snuggly Wuggly yarn by Loops & Threads®, one strand in a light aqua called Soft Mint and the other in a strand of dark aqua called Cool Baby.

The pairing of the two tones give a tweedy effect as seen in the following closeup.

I used size 10½ straight needles and knitted the blanket in garter stitch in twelve wedge sectors. I needed three 5 oz skeins of each color. The finished diameter is approximately 50".

This yarn and needle size combination gives a nice drape, as is being modeled by my son the dad-to-be beneath the blanket. Yes, it is the same blanket in both photos, but I took the picture of it spread out flat at night when I completed it and the other draped one during the day when it was given, hence the color variation. The draped blanket is truer to color.

My post for December 26, 2013 contains more detailed instructions to make this blanket. When I gift my blankets, I typically accompany them with a custom poem. Here are the verses for this particular blanket, destined for my second grandson, the first boy for my son and his wife.

Christmas 2017 for April 2018 

It’s packed and it’s wrapped and tucked under the tree,
A round blanket knitted for Chambers child number three. 
The colors I’ve chosen are two aqua tones, 
For this yet-to-be-babe is a boy, name unknown. 

Nacho Boy, least for now, is his working name
At YMCA camp, Dan his dad had been called near the same
Boys are so different most onlookers advise
With two older sisters, ‘twill seem true we surmise.

Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, so the old adage goes
Will Nacho Boy meet the challenge? I wonder. Who knows? 
With each click of the needle and each loop of the yarn
I don’t doubt this babe will have Chambers’ charm

April 9th is when Nacho Boy is expected.
If he should appear in March, that is also accepted
Whatever he chooses as the month to be born
There’ll be cheering and clapping and the blowing of horns.

But when the ruckus for this little guy goes into a lull
And nap time approaches, as it eventually will
I hope he will snuggle beneath this soft wrap
Can’t hardly wait to hold him in my lap. 

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  1. Thank you for the blanket! We love all three of ours! I do have to admit, the color of the yarns in this third one is my favorite. This one will definitely get as much use as the first two. Right now, Viv is snuggled in bed with hers. Lil’s was recently washed after an unfortunate nighttime puking episode (by Viv), but it will come back into rotation soon. We are all so lucky to have such a talented mom/grandma!

  2. Autumn has taken an especial liking to the circle blanket you made her as of late. They're good stuff!

    1. I thought I made that blanket for Isaiah and that Autumn did not want one. I will be thrilled to make one for her, too. I have been feeling a bit bad that she is the only grandchild without one. Does she like Isaiah's blue and green one in which case I could make a replacement for him instead of a girlie toned one for her. Color guidance... please.