Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Quilts

Both my son and my daughter were married this year so grandbabies will most likely be not far behind.  Which brings up the topic of baby quilts.  So far I have made them for my sister's four grandchildren.  I will post pix of them (the quilts, not the grandkids, pix of grandkids falls into the department of my proud grandma sister).  My memory is freshest going from most recent to longer ago so here goes from youngest grand niece to oldest grand niece, with a grand nephew in there, too.

Camilla was born in March of 2011 and here is her quilt.  My proudest part of this quilt is that it is the first quilt in a long time (maybe forever in my quilt history) to have been made entirely from fabrics from my stash.  Not even the backing was an additional purchase.  The main feature fabric was purchase in a Hobby Lobby in OK, the quilt was sewn in CA and it is being used in NC.  The pattern is composed of two blocks that alternate to form a secondary diagonal pattern.

I fussy cut the block centers. Here is a close-up of the lion/monkey block...

...and a close-up of the elephant block.

 The border has the animal print sashing and polka dot binding...

 ... and the backing was a peach paisley fabric by the designer April Cornell.

In December 2007 the twins Jhonnen and Erin were born.  There was a simple pattern in one of my quilt books that I had book-marked for quite a while because I just loved the myriad of colors.  I picked it because I thought could easily be made in both a girl's color-way and a boy's color-way.  And after all I did have to make two quilts! Simple, yes, just right angles, no diagonal seams, but lots and lots of small 2" squares.  The backing fabrics were picked first. Jhonen had  a primary colored raining-cats-and-dogs print and Erin's had jewel-toned bunnies in the garden.  The binding was fun to make from the scraps of the blocks.  Here is Jhonen's quilt.  It is quilted with pawprints.

And here is the cats and dogs backing and his label.

Here is Erin's quilt.  It is quilted with dragonflies flitting about the garden.

 And here is the gardening bunnies backing and label.

Caitlin was born In November of 2004, the first grandchild/ grand niece.   Her backing has little fairies on the background because I felt every little girl needs a fairy godmother and her dad is my godson.  The backing had a strong influence on my color choices. Her quilt is a kaleidoscope pattern in pastel and jewel tones of pink/turquoise/purple.   

Her label was a learning experience.  Computer generated and printed it spoke of fairy dust and my magical wishes for her.  And like the magical dust it was, the printing vanished with the first laundering.  I made her an embroidered label like her younger twin siblings to replace it. :•)

Caitlin and Jhonen and Erin's quilts were made in CA but are being used in NJ.  

That wraps up this post on baby quilts.  Yes, there are tons of really cutesy baby print fabrics out there but my aim was to make a quilt that would grow from baby to toddler and be dragged about until thread bare.  Only time will tell if I succeeded.

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  1. Wow. All so adorable!

    I think I saw Camilla's on your design wall when I was visiting one time, but it looks a LOT more impressive when assembled - I like the "stars and diagonal lines" effect the final product has. I also love the backing fabric, and it is inspiring to know that a quilt CAN be made entirely from stash, once you've been collecting for a while.

    I love the way Jhonen and Erin's quilt demonstrate how different colorways can look on the same quilt. Both backings are also darling and wait - is that a scrappy border I see on one or both? Very adorable.

    Caitlinn's is my favorite, though, because with the optical illusion, it really really looked like circles to me until I looked at the close-up photo. I like the way you organized the colors, and the fairy fabric on the back is to die for - I now see the benefit of stashing adorable fabric for future backing :-)

    It's too soon to know on the other three, but reports should be in on Caitlinn by now. I also make all my baby quilts toddler sized, since you want all that work to go into something the kid can use!