Saturday, October 15, 2011

Purchases at Pacific International Quilt Festival

I know some of you are curious.  My Facebook has pictures of just a fraction of the quilts I liked at the PIQF but there were a LOT of vendors and LOTS of fabric related goodies to purchase and digest and believe me,  I partook heartily.  I am into flannel right now. I just finished sewing a few burp cloths for our dance instructor's new baby girl. They are very simple and rewarding because they finish... and I mean finish completely, no UFOs...  in a short amount of time and there is instant gratification from all the colors and prints you get to play with.  Here are the ones  I have made up to be followed by the flannel fabric I bought for future burp cloths.

Here is a vintage Raggedy Anne print I had in my stash from long ago which I paired with a turquoise diamond print.  You are seeing two burp cloths, one sort of the flip flop of the other in terms of fabric placement.  It is not the reverse side of one burp cloth.  The central section is extra thickness to absorb... well whatever... let's not go there right now.

Here is what the reverse of the burp cloth looks like.  It is solid with no contrasting/coordinating central section.

Here is another pair of burp cloths.  
I paired a kind of psychedelic seventies print with a gingham check.

Here is a close-up of the seventies-ish psychedelic print.

And last we have some ladybugs paired with polka dots... two burp cloths with their reverse side folded back and peeking out.

But now to the flannels I bought but have not yet sewn up.  ( Come on... I just bought it yesterday and I am blogging now instead of sewing!)

I do not yet know what I am going to partner these with but they sure are cute flannels.

I plan to put Curious George with polka dots.

I have a thing for polka dots ... hmm Polish heritage.. polka? ... get it?  
Here are some more dots I just had to buy.

And who could resist these coordinating prints of critters and dinosaurs?

I guess I never did get over my penchant for owls.  This is the last flannel.

 Remember the animal skin prints I blogged on?  Well I lucked out and found a packet of eleven one yard cuts. 

I also found some animal print grosgrain ribbon to make into loops 
from which to hang the finished wall-hanging.

This fabric is quite fascinating.  If you look closely you will see cheetahs and impalas.  I think this may work its way into a border of some sort on the animal print wall hanging.  And I just noticed... there are those dang dots again!

I bought this pillowcase kit just 'cause those lady bugs or beetles or whatever they are are just so darn precious in pink, green, lime, and yellow.  Yup, there are those dots again!

I bought a yard and a half of this print because those patchwork pumpkins called to me.  The kitty and mice critters also twisted my arm to bring them home with me.

Frank loves the Grinch so I bought a panel of several Grich images and poses to mix with my large collection of Christmas fabrics and make a wall hanging.  However... that Grinch is an odd green... maybe I will need to shop for more blending Christmas fabric???  Naah.  I indulged too much yesterday.  My challenge on this one is to use only what I already have.

I bought these jewel tones just because they were gorgeous.. one yard of each in half yard cuts... I only pictured three of the six pieces here.  They have a kind of silver rimming on the leaves that is not really done justice in the photo

 I also bought a printed panel with some coordinating prints to make into an autumn wall hanging.  Three prints are folded on the right and two are folded on the bottom.  I liked the rich colors.  No dots in this but there are checkerboards... another one of my weaknesses.

Lastly I also bought two kits to make some snuggly lap quilts out of Minky.  If you want to see what Minky is go to  But Minky is something you really have to FEEL, not just see.  The kit that tugged on my heartstrings had this feature fabric. Guess I am just a dots, checkerboard, and owls kinda gal.  Finished size will be 48 inches by 60 inches

And the final Minky kit makes up to 58 inches by 62 inches.  It is shown here.  The solid lavendar has a texures of paisley to it. Very elegant!  The green has the texture of dots. I may put something in the center rather that daisies but what it may be is yet to be determined.  (Maybe bubbles or paisley swirls?)  I like the log cabin blocking but the real allure of this snuggle quilt is the texture. 

Well that's it.  Out of time and WAY out of $$$$$!

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  1. Hee hee - you have Polka dot fever! I especially love the big-print flannels (farm animals and dinosaurs), and I LOVE the colors in that Autumn kit.

    I think I might actually own a FQ of the purple one of your leaf prints, for my eventual theoretical "someday" Asain-inspired quilt, and if so I know how much *more* striking it is in person (even thought the photos also look lovely.

    I would be interested to see the Grinch fabric in more detail - is it the Robert Kaufman stuff that's out, or a specialty panel? I keep eyeing the Grinch fabric at the store in Guthrie, but I am already up to my eyes in Christmas prints and projects.

    Also the Mousey pumpkin print? So so cute!

    Looks like a really good take! I am jealous that you were able to go to such a huge looking show (seriously - that vendor's list was phenomenal) but I am excited for you with all the adorable new stash potential!