Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July - Celebrating with Color Play of the Day Fireworks

I love how the quilting came out on this one.  After much contemplation and indecision on echo quilting the shapes, I decided against doing so. I wanted to keep up the quasi-theme of a football play diagram.  The meander pattern worked well for this "goal". Christine, who does my longarm quilting, and I tried to visualize the optimal meander size and I think we hit it spot on. Not too big... not too small ... just right!

I selected a multi-colored thread and am pleased with the way it dodges in and out of view on both the warm orange/red tones and the cool purple/blue/green colors.

I trimmed the batting edges last night and am about to attach the binding with my Pfaff today while waiting for my son, his wife, and their dog Snoopy to arrive after their drive up from Southern California for the weekend.  This holiday weekend will be an ideal time to for me to kick back and do the hand-stitching while they are out doing young folk things (friend's wedding, etc.).  I think this quilt will be a treat.  Snoopy agrees.


  1. This is a test comment to see if it shows up? Actually it is a comment as requested by Diane. But yes - I do read this blog - I am Mr. DL2Q.

  2. Hope you guys are having fun with the holiday! I agree that that quilt turned out great, and that your meander is the perfect size. Let's just hope Snoopy doesn't agree so much he eats the quilt! -RLQ