Thursday, January 9, 2014

2013 in Review

It appears that I was not as productive quilt-wise this year as I was in 2012. I claim that the turmoil of two retirements, more travel, and home remodeling were the handicapping culprits. I made only two quilts, start to finish during 2013. They were gifts, one of which I free-motion quilted myself. Two of my five claimed 2013 completions were started before January 2013. Other quilts that I started earlier than 2013, but have not yet finished, are not listed here. There are many. One of the five quilts I did not even make at all, but won in a raffle. 

But I did make other smaller items. Here is my completions list for 2013, followed by pictures and headings only. Details are in my past posts. Scroll fast! If nothing else, it's a nice browse of fabrics. At the very end (maybe no one will read that far) are my 2014 quilting resolutions.
  • 5 quilts
  • 3 pillow cases
  • 2 child dresses
  • 9 holiday items
  • 29 burp cloths
  • 4 cloth books
  • 12 miscellaneous items
  • 1 knit blanket
  • 2 hardcover blog books
Doll Quilt that was started before 2013 (See March 13, 2013 post.)

Karate Kid Kwilt (See June 18, 2013 post.)

Quilt won from OKC Modern Quilt Guild raffle (See June 29, 2013 post.)

Color Play of the Day  (See July 19, 2013 post.)

Sunny Spring Frost (72" x 72") that was started before  2013 (See July 24, 2013 post)

Fire engine pillowcase (See September 25, 2013 post.)

Forest friends print dress (See September 10, 2013 post.)

Airplane print dress (See September 10, 2013 post.)

Seven Christmas ornaments (See February 20, 2013 post.)

One scarecrow wall hanging and one bonus toy for fall (See April 30, 2013 post.)

Six burp cloths (See February 20, 2013 post.)

Four burp cloths (See March 13, 2013 post.)

One cloth bunny book for Easter (See March 24, 2013 post.)

One baby animals cloth book (See November 25, 2013 post.)

Two Christmas cloth books (See November 25, 2013 post.)

One knit blanket with accompanying poem (See December 26, 2013 post.)

Two floor pillows (See March 13, 2013 post.)

One cover for changing table pad (See March 13, 2013 post. No picture available.)

Four critter napkins (See August 21, 2013 post.)

Five quilt blocks for college commemorative quilt (See November 12, 2013 post.)


DianeLoves2Quilt – Vol.1 (See April 17, 2013 post.)

Color Play of the Day (See July 19, 2013 post.) 

2014 Quilting Resolutions
  • Generate hardcover blog book DianeLoves2Quilt  – Vol. 2
  • Finish Grinch Quilt before next Christmas
  • Knit a vintage Christmas stocking for each granddaughter
  • Free-motion-quilt at least three quilt tops (any size) on my Pfaff
  • Rent time to long arm quilt at least one quilt
  • Assemble at least two pre-purchased quilt kits
  • Keep a running draft of my "2014 in Review" post as I complete items
  • Remember to add labels to blog posts so I can find them more easily
  • Get real... I know I will start new projects before finishing old ones!


  1. I know you're bummed about the number of quilts, but.. man you completed a lot this year! Autumn still loves her Night Before Christmas book (which she got WAY more into after Christmas, sigh), we actually currently have ALL 3 of the pillows you made us up on our bed (I especially love the Christmas ones, J especially loves the firetruck one, although he really loves all the pillowcases you make for him).

    As for your resolutions... they all sound like a good idea! My only resolution this coming year is to finish more quilts than I start, because last year I started a bunch but did not finish anything, which should mean 1) finishing more than I start will be easy (I have lots of WIPs to choose from) and 2) I will actually have somethign to show in my completions this time next year. Also, you will have to tell me how long-arming goes, I am completely curious.

  2. You were really on a roll with those burp cloths! I think you had a very productive year, good luck with your resolutions for 2014.