Friday, October 3, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Quilting in the Garden

After the tree sweater installation Saturday morning (October 1, 2014 post) my daughter, my husband, and I went over to our local nursery Alden Lane which was hosting its annual outdoor quilt show. I had entered my Grinch quilt (July 2, 2014 post) and it was exciting to see it hanging clothes-line style among the trees with other quilts in the Christmas themed section.

Here I am pointing at it in a more head-on view that was taken when the breeze was more cooperative. It is number 7 in the middle.

The ambience of this quite extensive nursery during the two days of this annual event is even better than usual. Here is an overview photo I snagged from the Alden Lane web site. It was amusing to see a yarn bombed cow statue (lower left in the photo) this afternoon having just come from a knitted and crocheted Tree Sweater Forest in the morning a few hours before.

There were amusing signs to read and to pose at. The three voluptuous quilters in the following wanted poster board are dubbed Penny Cushion, Bernina A. Biasbottom, and Longarm Lucy. My daughter Robin posed in the center position. The footnote at the base of the sign reads
Hah! Scroll back up and look at me in the second photo. I am wearing jeans and have a hot pink tote slung over my shoulder.

Scattered throughout were clever little displays. I liked this wicker dress form, clothed in a skirt created of pattern tissue, with an apron from artfully draped muslin.

I've included photos of a couple of quilts that especially caught my eye. The border on this one is incredibly striking. Number 21 is title Mystery Quilt and is listed in the program as having been made by a local quilter B.J. Meier.

The double lined quilting detail on this quilt is unique. Having twice the stitching lines in the stems and leaves and apples lends it a sort of flair like an artist's sketch.

Here is a view of the entire quilt that had that stitching. It is called Apple Time and was in the portion of the show featuring quilt artists Diana McClun and Laura Nownes.

This event occurs annually the last weekend in September. I look forward to it every year.

This year the show fell on my husband's and my 39th wedding anniversary, September 27th. He enjoyed browsing the 2014 show with me and our daughter. Even though it may not be considered a standard romantic anniversary activity, he and I visit this show on our anniversary weekend most years. This tradition just might be a contributing factor to the longevity of our marriage.   :•)

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