Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Vintage Ornaments Finish

Last week was slow and steady but this week I crossed the finish line with my Vintage Ornaments quilt, even down to the label.

The quilting in the sashing came out with the effect I wanted. It looks like the path taken by little starbursts wandering among the ornament blocks. And, in the blocks where it shows up, I am pleased that I made the effort to quilt in two sizes of meandering.

I washed the quilt and it crinkled up with an old-time appearance. It fits in well with that time capsule feel of the ornaments and the backing fabric.

The weather (not enough sun and too much wind) did not make for a good photo opportunity but maybe I will get a better picture when I give it to the recipients in Southern California.

I also made a second Counting Monkey book, this one for my six-month old granddaughter. It has a built-in surprise for her, different from her cousin's book. I found an online source for the crinkly paper sometimes sewn into infant toys and her book will make noise when she turns the pages, or rather when she stuffs them in her mouth! I can't wait to read it to her and see that impish grin of hers in person.


  1. No surprise that your quilt turned out beautifully. I like the backing fabric with it more than I thought I would from the smaller pictures in previous posts. The colors are gorgeous!

  2. Yay Completed quilt! Slow and Steady wins the race (and looks darn good at it too). I also can't wait to see what the little one thinks of that crinkle-paged book, and to hear from you on how it compares to books you buy with the stuff already in it.