Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WIP: Getting Back in the Groove

I gifted the Vintage Ornaments quilt to my son, daughter- in-law and granddaughter in Southern California last week when we were down there for her christening and for a Disney visit with my younger son. It was touch and go, but I did finish it in time for their holiday family photo shoot.

I am back now and trying to whittle down my list of UFOs. I began the quilting on my chicken quilt, a pattern from 1994. Yes, ten years ago. I'd forgotten to embellish the chickens before spray basting and was stalled deciding how to proceed. See my April 23, 2014 post. I decided to forge ahead on the quilting and deal later with their beaks, legs and wattles. Here is my start thus far using the integrated dual feed on my Pfaff for the center section. Some part of the grid is not yet sewn.  Progress is slowed down because I am back tacking and skipping over each chicken and it's 3-D wings. The outer border I will FMQ with a design TBD.

I have not yet sewn but have at least cut out and pinned a Jungle Alphabet book for my younger granddaughter. The crinkle paper in her Counting Monkey book (previous post) was such a hit I will put it the noisy stuff in this book too.

I long to start a new quilt and have given myself permission to do so even with my UFOs out there. The last time I posted this list was September 10, 2014 when I began Vintage Ornaments and worked on very little else other than minor projects. Here are my stats since then.

Completed projects (4):
    1. Jungle Alphabet book for Autumn (October 8, 2014 post)
    2. One 12" x 16" lion pillowcase for Autumn (October 8, 2014 post)
    3. Counting Monkey book for Vivian (October 21, 2014 post)
    4. Vintage Ornaments 60" x 70" quilt (October 21, 2014 post)
    Ongoing projects (4):
    1. Chicken quilt - quilting begun, embellish later (April 23, 2014 post)
    2. Classic Cars strip quilt (August 3, 2013 post) - need to back, quilt, and bind
    3. Overlapping square wall hanging - paired with thread, awaiting FMQ
    4. Mask quilt (October 19, 2011 post) - packed away... again
    New projects (0):
    1. TBD but I think it is one I will keep!
    I am hooking up to today's Freshly Pieced post for WIP Wednesday.


    1. Cute chickens! I like the 3-D effect. It will be fun to see them with their other body parts.

    2. Thanks! Since there are only 8 chickens it should not be long before till I add legs, combs, and wattles.

    3. 1994? Check your calendar, mom, that's TWENTY years ago! The straight line quilting looks great, and I'm sure V will love her Jungle Alphabet book at least as much as A loves hers (which is to say, "a lot").

      1. Whoops about math error. I will correct it in follow up post. Thanks.

    4. Only four projects in progress? Then you definitely deserve to start something new. I love the excitement of starting something new - deciding on a pattern, selecting fabric . . . (Much more than I enjoy the actual sewing ;) ) Your ornament quilt is beautiful. I'm sure your son and family loved it.

      The chicken quilt is adorable. I've never seen that pattern. Can't wait to see it with the embellishments.