Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Fowl Finish - Finally!

My interest in this project has severely waned ... as has that of my readers, too, I am sure, since my lengthy post on it yesterday. But, rather than move on to another project, I disciplined myself to just finish the tail feathers on those eight hens and be done with them. But those squawking birds did not go quietly. Twenty-four tail feathers, one half-inch long each, and I had to wind a fresh bobbin of the mustard gold. Then I forgot to change out the top thread color from the mustard gold to the bright yellow of the legs.

I did not notice my thread color oversight until the fifth bird. I finished the tail feathers of the other three hens in the mustard gold and was going to leave it at that. But it did not look right. The tail feathers faded into the background. The bright yellow legs seem to scream out that the tail feathers were wrong. I did not pick out the mustard gold stitching but zig-zagged over all the tail feathers ... again... in the bright yellow.

Here is the Chicken Quilt really finished. I wanted it to be a learning experience and it sure was one. Enough said.


  1. AW, I'm still interested! Those Chickens are totally adorable (and well worth the effort to go back and fix the tails. I love the little zig-zag stitch legs, they are perfect. Now if only go could go back to our living room circa 2004 to display this beauty!

    1. They are a blast from the past! I am glad they are finished!