Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Can You Overbuy "Cute"?

Yes. You can. Really. I have. I confess I buy too much fabric. I get on a kick of some sort and overdo it. This post is an inventory of my not-really-intended-to-be-a-quilt purchases. I am acknowledging publicly this foible of mine and keeping the inventory in front of my nose so I use it up!

I was out of my flannel obsession but it has flared up again. In all fairness, however, it was instigated by the sudden appearance of four babies within the past month. I did a post on 5/9/17 about burp cloth for two of those babies and then bought more flannel for a pair of twin baby girls. I have yet to make these up but intend to do so this week. Twin baby girl flannels are mainly the stack on the right and just a few off the top of the left stack. Of course I also restocked a bit; stash purchases are the four on the bottom of the left stack. I bought a total of seven yards of flannel in ½-yard lengths Monday. That is enough to make 14 burp cloths. Each takes two fat quarters. (FYI, for those readers checking the count in each stack, I got two ½-yard lengths of the top left flannel owls just because they were so darn cute.)

I did an inventory and I have way too many of these, also. I have yet to make the following stuffed toy panels.

Two more little mermaids: I completed my first mermaid by Stacy Iest Hsu last and blogged about it in my 5/12/17 post. I have three granddaughters so of course I bought three panels – two more to go.

One more Lil Red doll: I completed the first two of these Lil Red dolls and blogged about it in my post for 3/8/16. These are also by Stacy Iest Hsu. My youngest granddaughter still needs hers. Again. I'd bought three panels.

Those dolls really did come out cute and by that third doll I became an expert at stuffing those long legs and arms.

Mama and baby animals: These are by Stacy Iest Hsu, also. I really do like the work of this Moda designer. There are four animals so maybe I will take this one panel and share it among three granddaughters and a grandson. Or maybe I will buy a second panel and that way each household can have all four mama and baby choices. My husband, with a bit of an eye roll, advised me to "just make up the one you have first". That is probably very sound advice. But I better make it up soon before it sells out and I cannot get a second one. Just sayin'... Just in case...

Panel with two bunnies: Somehow Easter slipped by me on this one. I bought only one panel. Perhaps sanity is beginning to take hold.

I have way too many of these. Many I have made into books as they were intended. One I made into a graphic novel style quilt. I posted about The Mitten on 11/20/14.  It folds so you can read it in rows graphic novel style. Who says Woof? is on my design wall to be a quilt. I posted about my plan for that on 6/24/15. Yikes! See why I blog about what I do? By looking up the dates of these posts I realized that this potential quilt has been on my design wall for 2 years!

The From the Ground Up is great for my grandson but since he is approaching the age of two, I think I may have missed my window for it as a cloth book. Perhaps it could be another design wall project. Hah – like the previous one, which is two years old and still aging. The graphic novel approach I used on The Mittens book might also work well for the construction fabric panel. This approach has fewer decisions and so I could allow myself to make it up more quickly. Hmmm... I think I have some construction cone fabric somewhere that might go well. I have one-year-old granddaughter, though, whose daddy is a construction manger so she is another option as the recipient. Heaven forbid I should be sexist and assume construction is just for boys. As for the book on the right, the images in Whose Baby Am I are so soft and inviting I do want to see that go to a baby as a book.

I definitely overbought for a Christmas theme. Perhaps when I send off burp cloths I could include a cloth book. I would like to know some kiddo will be enjoying each of these. They really do not take long to sew once I get on a roll.

When I was buying my flannel Monday, I got an inspiration from a display at the Cotton Patch quilt shop in Lafayette. A cat and mouse stuffed toy panel was made up as placemats and coasters. I was strong and refrained from buying that panel; but I am still thinking about it... Two Christmas book panels, that I have in my stash, would lend themselves well to the placemat idea. I just might do that with my Twelve Dogs of Christmas and Twelve Cats of Christmas panels. Each page really does have too many words for a child young enough to like a cloth book. I could repurpose the panel to yield six placemats. That might be a fun use. I would frame each double page and add a backing. That would be good FMQ practice too and use up some batting scraps. If not FMQ, I could instead try out a quilt as you go method. The placemats would make for interesting meal time conversation, also. The pages would not even have to be in order. That way you would find a dinner companion who had the next "day" after yours. Yup. I just decided. That is what I am going to do with these panels. Eventually. Hopefully by this Christmas.

But first, I will link up to Let's Bee Social #177.


  1. I'm thinking we all buy more fabric than we will ever use!
    I've never seen these panels to make books with. I have made a book though - it was for a fabric challenge. I used the animals from Lorna's Elephant Parade quilt and wrote a simple verse. My granddaughter loves it!

    1. I am sure your book was a lot more work than these pre-printed panels and came out fantastic. Do you have a post on it? But some of the panels have beautiful artwork that I cannot resist. Google images for designer Joy Allen's cloth books to see what I mean. Elizabeth's Studios prints some real pretty ones. I generally pick these up from vendor's at craft fairs. Here are some examples of her artwork on ones I have made up.
      Joy Allen's Calendar Baby's is at
      Joy Allen's My Baby's Day is at
      For other cloth book examples, my 2014 in review post has links to 15 cloth books I have made.
      Hope you enjoy browsing these samples. But I do not want to take you away from your own quilting! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I visited your blog and you do neat stuff!

  2. Lots of cute-ness going on here! I have made the little mermaid doll too, it's well loved now!

    1. There is something about the size and colors of this doll that it does beg to be well-loved. Maybe a little bit of that is due to the love we pack into it along with the stuffing while we are making it. Thanks for the visit and comment.

  3. Maybe you can overbuy cuteness...just a little:-) I can tell you that we have a giant stack of cloth books, so don't feel obligated to sew anymore up for us. I think it's a great idea, though, to include a cloth book with your burp cloth gift packages! We also have giant stacks of quilts and blankets - so much so that in order to make room for all that we have, I actually threw away a blanket from my childhood (the horror, I know!). We also have more pillows than we know what to do with, too. You have outfitted us well over the years!

    1. You will need a bigger house because I will keep sewing. I will try to mix it up a bit more with the projects. Maybe crocheted doilies or knitted coasters perhaps? Maybe a hand woven lampshade from strips of newspapers or magazines? Just kidding.