Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lil' Red No.3 and Coral No.2

After shamefacedly admitting how many stuffed toy panels I had lingering in my stash (previous post) I got to worked diligently yesterday on two Stacy Iest Hsu doll panels. I completed a Lil' Red doll with her accessories, my third one of these, for my youngest of three granddaughters; she now will have her own doll to play with next to her older sister. I used white rick-rack trim. I had used pink rick-rack on her sister's Lil' Red.

I also completed my second of three Coral Queen of the Sea doll panels. Now I have only one mermaid doll panel with accessories remaining to complete. The third mermaid will be for my oldest granddaughter. Should I tackle that third one now while I am on a roll? The only thing delaying me is deciding on a color for the rick-rack trim. I'm thinking maybe green like the fish perhaps? I will at least cut it out to get me started. You know what they say ... "Once begun is halfway done".

I cannot overpraise the value of the Clover Hera tool for stuffing those dolls' long limbs. These last two dolls were a whiz with this handy gadget. I had previous struggled. See my post for March 8 2016 to learn what other gizmos I tried that did not work quite as well. Although its intended function is to mark with a crease, the paddle-like profile of the Hera Marker was great for nudging out seams and poking stuffing where I want it to be.


  1. Lillian says thanks, Grandma! (Or, Vivian says thanks - for her SECOND doll! Ha ha!)

    1. To be determined who gets the second doll with the pink rick-rack trim. I will leave it to them to figure who gets which.