Thursday, August 17, 2017

Spider-Man Crib Sheets

After a recent visit to Oklahoma City where my two-year old Grandson lives I could not help but notice his attraction to Spider-Man. I bought some themed fabrics – three different prints – from the Fat Quarter Shop and set to work to make him some crib sheets. He is in a toddler bed now but the mattress size is the same. I'd made him dinosaur sheets and bug sheets and blogged about them in my 9/16/15 post. After pre-washing my fabric I cut it into 70" length. I folded it in quarters and cut 8" squares from each corner. Four corners of fabric get joined with French seams and then elastic is run around in a casing along the outer edges. The original online tutorial for the sheets is in the Stitched in Colors blog post for November 4, 2014.

Using French seams assures that there would be no raw edges to fray in the finished sheets. I also did one extra step, not in the original tutorial. I ran a stitch parallel along the free edge of the seam a couple inches inward from the outer sheet edge so the encased seam would not flip over and cause problems when I was threading elastic through the casing. Threading 80" of elastic through that casing is straight forward but a bit time consuming. It makes my wrist sore so the removal of any obstructions is well worth the effort. See my post for 9/9/15 about making mini crib sheets for some elastic tips.

Here are the two finished sheets, folded in half. One is in red and shows Spider-Man swinging from building to building with his web.

The other print is in blue with a backdrop of sky.

I also made a matching cover for the changing pad. One side is in the red fabric and the other is in the blue. In the following photo the flap of the cover that folds under is flipped up to show the alternate print.

Since the foam pad is 1" thick I added a short seam across the French seam to make box corners.

The two crib sheets and two-sided pad cover are shown in the next photo.

This is the fabric I had left over, some 8" squares and two less than ½ yard lengths the width of the fabric. I'd bought three yards each of these two fabrics. I actually have 1½ yards of a large graphic print I did not use. The tag is wrong in the photo. Perhaps the 1½ yard piece will become a pillowcase or perhaps a dress for Isaiah's almost 5 year old sister who also loves Spider-Man.

I think Isaiah will be excited to sleep on these sheets. His mom will be excited if he sleeps at all since he is always in motion. Note the blurred hands.


Linking these little projects up to Let's Bee Social #190.

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  1. Welp, the results are officially in, Isaiah went nuts for the blue Spiderman sheets so they are the ones on his bed. And I am actually loving the reversible changing pad cover! I picked the red side to display so they wouldn't be so matchy matchy, and it went on smooth as butter and looks great with the sheets. Now we just need to re-paint Isaiah's room... Thanks so much for these cute (and useful!) gifts!