Friday, October 13, 2017

Burp Cloths for Baby Girl No. 6

So far in 2017 I have sewn 34 burp cloths for five babies - all girls! Except for one pair of twins, all were born to a random assortment of friends and acquaintances totally unrelated to each other! So no wonder when my daughter-in-law's sister had her baby girl, my flannel drawer was positively void of baby girl and even gender neutral prints. I was also unprepared because the baby came five weeks early; she is small, under 5 lbs, but is doing just fine. I delved into my gender neutral flannel options first.

Just  a couple weeks ago I'd bought this gray, red, and white snowman flannel. The Frosty Folks I had recently added to my stash was from Henry Glass & Co., Inc., designed by Jan Shade Beach. The randomly spotted gray flannel (a supplemental fabric purchase) looked like snow falling to me and so made a good pairing with the snowmen. Baby girl and parents live in Colorado so a snow theme seemed fitting.

I also had this fox print in my drawer and had been keeping my eye out for a complement to it. The Seuss stripe had been in the same drawer, too; but I had never thought to pair the two until now. Isn't there some quote about "necessity being the mother of invention" or "desperate times calling for desperate measures"? The red and white stripes serendipitously go splendidly with the red fox and his white tipped tail. I'd bought the foxes in May of 2016 and no longer remember their source but those wonky Seuss stripes are by Robert Kauffman and may still be hanging around as a staple.

I still wanted to make some more burp cloths to give, especially a few on the more girly side. So, martyr that I am, I dragged myself to my local quilt shop and raided the baby flannels in the back corner. I found some really cuties from the Maywood Studios line Little One Flannel Too

I bought this green trellis and animal print pairing from Little One Flannel Too.

There was a bold stronger colored print from the same line that I paired with a diagonal stripe that sported the same shocking pink.

The large print had delightful sayings on it, shown in the zoomed in photo below

I bought a half yard of each flannel and let the prints fall as they may. How lucky I was that they happened to feature themselves! Note how the elephant is front and center and even the turtle and his advice about speed turned out well-placed along the narrow border. Now I'd better pre-wash all these and get them off in the mail. I did not get them finished before the baby shower happened – I never intended to. But then the baby shower did not get completed before the birth happened, either! So there!

Completion of these eight burp cloths increases my 2017 running tally to 42. I did also buy these blue dot prints to add to my stash. The gender tides are bound to turn soon, and boy, am I ever gonna be male ready!

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  1. Aw, I know that Anna will really like these burp clothes and she will certainly get a lot of use out of them. If she has any shortage of burp clothes, I can also share mine with her. I wonder how many I have...I should count them someday! I sure used them all, though! Hopefully little Ava will be home today or tomorrow! Thank you!