Saturday, May 5, 2018

Awaiting Silent Auction

My guild friend Renée and I have been very busy bees sorting, smoothing, coordinating, bundling, and bid-tagging for Amador Valley Quilters silent auction next weekend May 12, 2018. She and I finished off the fabrics yesterday and I knocked out the needle crafts today.

We have ten bins packed and ready to go to the event. And we are only a portion of the small yardages and precuts contribution! Seven bins with white lids are from my personal storage system, one black lidded and one green lidded bin belong to the guild, and there is a cardboard box. 

These five bins with white lids are housed behind my couch and all contain lengths of fabrics less than one yard that have been folded and bundled into 6"x6"  by roughly 6" tall consistent cubic stacks.

The three bins on the left are full to capacity. And man, are they heavy!.

Here is a peek inside of the top one. Aah... As one who can relish the results of making order out of chaos, this tidy display makes my heart sing.

The insides of the other two on the left are similar – chock full of goodies.

On my dining room table are the other two white lidded bins, a green lidded bin, a black lidded bin and a cardboard box.

One of the white lidded bins contains smaller containers of precut squares and strips – thousands of them –  that will sell to give quilters an effort-saving head start on their scrap or community quilts.

The final white lidded bin contains a lot of brand new, never-even-taken-out-of-the-packaging fabrics which will sell at a greatly reduced price, many with buy it now tags instead of bidding.

The green lidded bin contains mainly flannel squares and strips, ideal for baby quilts. These mini-stacks are fanned out on cardboard trays to show them off  to advantage.

The black lidded bin contains mostly fat quarters bundled in blended tones, also on trays of cardboard.

Not to forget, there is also a cardboard box that is filled with needlecraft projects such as untouched stamped and counted cross stitch kits, crewel kits, a latch hook rug kit, embroidery flosses, and scissors.

And parked by my front door is a cart to help transport all these goodies to the multi-purpose room at Pleasant Middle School on the big shopping day. Looks like the cart matches my decor. The fabric sorting at my house has been going on since March. (Other guild member have been doing this for their area of assignment since February, when all the gathering of donations began.) The fabric was becoming so much a part of our decor, that my husband and I no longer noticed it. We just peeked around or over it to watch TV at night.

We've come a long way baby. For other "before" pictures check out my post for March 30, 2018.

We worked together like a dream team. Thanks Renée, Terry, and Susan. Susan was here a different day and so is not in the picture. I am the one on the right holding one of those ubiquitous bins. It was fun – most of the time! See? We are smiling! 


  1. WOW! That is a lot of hours represented in those totes! I wish I lived near you so I could coe to this auction! Looks like a lot of fun. :)

  2. Wow, boy did you make order out of chaos! That is a lot of beautiful fabric, and a lot of folding and tying. any idea how must string you went through? I'm glad you had help/company for the endeavor, and it sounds like a quilter's dream to get to handle all that fabric! I'm working backwards and it does sound like it was a great auction, so I'm glad you & your friends were able to contribute!