Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Knitting for Christmas 2019

Yay! These arrived in yesterday's mail. My husband opened the box, jumped back in alarm and exclaimed, "Yikes! What the ...?". All those Santa heads staring up at you do present quite an image! The top layer has a clear plastic bag containing four Santa heads and off to the left a clear bag containing one Santa head and one elf head. The second layer has a bag with four elf heads.  They are toppers and yarn for hats for Christmas. I could not decide which was cuter, Santa or an Elf, and since I have five grandkids, I ordered five of each.

I plan to knit up these kits into ten Top This! hats and mail them off for next season, hopefully by Thanksgiving. They were on sale direct from DMC so I binged/indulged. I recently finished two Top This! hats, an elephant and a lion, as described in my post for 1/20/19. They were so easy, quick, and fun I look forward to having the Santa and Elf ones to do. I do not intend to write twenty progress posts, but certainly one when all are completed. Stay tuned.


  1. That's a lot of hats! We might need to move somewhere cold so the kids can actually get some wear out of them!

    1. It's only two per kid. And besides, in Southern California, especially Orange County, you dress for style, not temperature! You won't need to move just to accommodate my knitting whims.

  2. I can just picture Frank opening that box and jumping at all those little heads. I think it would have scared me a little bit, too, if I didn't know you had ordered them. Wow! You sure do advance craft planning. Now you have no excust at all for not completing them in time for the kiddos to weart them for the holiday season. Do they have a kit in adult size? I think you should make one for Frank. :)

  3. These are so cute! That is a lot of Hats, But Isaiah definitely loves his elephant hat, so we will look forward to these next Christmas!