Monday, September 9, 2019

The Blues Are Gone!

I finished the last of the blue thread FMQ portion on my Whirligiggles quilt today. Two previous posts tell of my earlier FMQ decisions and challenges. For the red and green FMQ see post dated 9/5/19 and for the other part of the blue FMQ see post dated 9/8/19. An August post dated 8/23/19 describes my pattern deciding process.

This session filled in the straight edge inserts and the bottom edge zig-zag "bowties". The straight edge inserts I did with three lobes, the base where they join and originate being truncated.

Allowing the base of the lobes to occur off the edge of the quilt allows this inserts pattern to echo the size and shape of the lobes within the point of a large outer star it touches. The blue lobes at the bottom are from an edge insert. The green lobes at the top are from one point of a full star.

I did the bowties at the bottom zigzag edge the same way I did the green threaded bowties at the upper zigzag edge – two lobes only and some lazy loops in one third of the triad. The next photo is of a corner bowtie.

The blues are gone! I will do a few smaller projects while I ponder what pattern to use within the white and gray hexagons, Should I use white on white and gray on gray or vice versa to contrast the FMQ stitches? Hmmm.


  1. Love that bowtie look. Love that you're making progress! in reading about all this other stuff, I entirely forgot that there were white areas too! Think you've gotten up the nerve to work with white thread again? Sounds like a small palate-cleanser product is in order, though; it's definitely worth while to let ideas ruminate and break up the big projects into manageable bits and bites!

    1. Definitely small project time while I decide the white and grays.