Saturday, May 16, 2015

Burp Cloths for a Girl

It must be the season for babies. One of my daughter's close friends since high school just had a baby girl and named her Madeline Sofia. Madeline was born March 11, 2015 and weighed 5 lbs 13 oz.  I just learned about her arrival, so I of course went into burp cloth assembly line mode. Less than a week ago I'd whipped up a bunch for a boy and blogged about them in my post for May 9th.

When I make burp cloths for my daughter, she likes them in complementary pairs. So here is a pair with a kitties print and spotty dots print, in pink of course. The finished burp cloths measure about 12"x18" and are shown folded in thirds here. The back side is the same fabric as the outer bands. I top-stitched in white since I did not seem to have just the right pink - my pink options were too dark, too mauve, or too coral.

This complementary pair has a bit more modern look with the chickadee flannel and the linked circle graphic flannel. White top-stitching was my choice for this one too, since I did not have an exact pink to match the graphic circles background.

Then I remembered in my stash I had a couple yards of a whimsical chicken print. For the stripe, plaid, butterfly, and geometric-shape prints I had quarter yard strips strips, not fat quarters, so I used them folded for the double thickness center band. I also diverged from the complementary pair theme, both to use the quarter yard cuts to best advantage and to avoid cutting up those bold chickens. The top burp cloth has only one third of it flipped over to show the back side. The hen print is on the back of all of these.

I love turquoise on little girls and it was in all the prints, so I top-stitched these four in a bright turquoise thread. Those hens remind of the song from The Music Man musical where the ladies gather round chattering like old biddy birds, singing.

Pick a little, talk a little, pick a little, talk a little,
Cheep cheep cheep, talk a lot, pick a little more

And here is the happy mom as a bridesmaid at my daughter's wedding, four years ago.

As soon as I get these pre-washed, I will be dashing them off in the mail to Madeline. If any one is interested in making some of these burp cloths, I included instructions in my blog post for June 18, 2014.


  1. What a fun set of burp cloths! I have to admit, I took one look at the chicken print and got the exact same song stuck in my head, which may in fact be evidence that we're related, but I love the chicken set and they all turned out really adorable and vibrant. I am glad you prewashed them though - that crisp white makes everything pop to sell, I'd hate to lose it! I'm sure my friend will be thrilled to receive your awesome burp cloths, and it's kind of weird to think that at the time, no-one in my wedding party was a mom, and now we all are.

    1. I just got a nice thank you note in the mail a couple of days ago. They seemed excited that the burp cloths are both useful and sewn in fun non-white colors. Had not thought about all your bridesmaids now being moms. Kinda neat.