Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quilting Activities During My Oklahoma Visit

I just returned home a few hours ago from visiting my daughter and her family in Oklahoma City. Even though a bit tired from travel I am sitting down to write this blog to keep myself distracted from her weather there. She is currently under a tornado watch, waiting up to see if they need to duck into the tornado shelter they have in their garage. See the green dot below the "h" of Oklahoma? That is about where her house is. And this map is the rain, and thunderstorm activity there about 8:30 pm Oklahoma time. In fact, I just heard on the TV that the people in the OKC airport were just directed to evacuate into the tunnels to the parking structure there. To think we just took off from there this morning with sunny skies!

We had beautiful weather the week we were there. My daughter and I visited two quilt shops and here are my fabric purchases. We spent were fabric shopping for about four hours, divided between two shops - The Savage Quilter and Oklahoma Quiltworks - and that is a great test of endurance and fabric love since my daughter is 6½ months pregnant!

Here is what I bought - short and simple - picture style. This fabric has six colors of striping across its width. I have shown it flipped up to show what shows on the inside and the outside when wrapped on the bolt. The fold is toward the left, the selvages toward the right. I bought it in three colorways to stash for borders and framing of blocks.

I bought these two fabrics because I thought they were so unusual. The left one seems like a cross between the Cat and the Hat and birch trees but in modern colors. The one on the left has swooping lines in black and white. As an experiment, I thought it might make an interesting background, combined with strong primary solids for the blocks. The background might look cool cut up into random pieces.

Here is a pattern, a hera tool I have been meaning to try and a cute fat quarter.

Here are three half-hard cuts of flannel destined for burp cloths... but not necessarily with each other!

I heard on the TV that Oklahoma City has just issued an unprecedented flash flood emergency. I am finishing this post with a quick link up to this week's Freshly Pieced and heading to the TV to watch. I will read what others have been up to later this week! Quilting has only so much power to distract me. Maybe my daughter will read this post on her cell phone from beside her tornado shelter and be a little calmed herself.

All is well. My daughter and her family never did need to take cover in their tornado shelter. The tornado watch was lifted and they went to bed. Sleep did not come easily until after the tornado warning sirens ceased going off periodically.  Life is back to normal for them. I can breathe easier, also.

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