Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Nursing Curtains

My grandson arrived 7/16/15 at 10:09 AM, weighing 9 lbs 1 oz and measuring 20.5 inches. His name is Isaiah. When I picked him up, his two and a half year old big sister told me "no" I was not allowed to hold him because, "That's Mommy's baby". There has been a lot of baby rocking going on around here and obviously not a lot of quilting nor a lot of sleeping!

This week's WIP for me was shortening seven pre-purchased privacy curtain panels to be used in the circular alcove off my daughter and son-in-law's bedroom. While baby and mom were still in the hospital, I shortened the curtains temporarily by folding the bottoms up several times and then affixing binder clips lengthwise. From the right side, the curtains kind of looked liked  they were pleated near the bottom. The tops were held in the window opening with tension/compression rods. This would do for a few days.

Then, when the alcove was not being occupied, I swooped in to hem them more permanently. I cut them off with a rotary cutter and mat. The curtains had been made from a rubbery type thick fabric and would not hold a crease - except of course for those creases imparted by being folded in the package the curtains came in. I ran a stitching line at 5/8 inch from the bottom to guide me as the fold line for the raw edge. I drew a line twice the hem depth and pinned that folded over edge up to the line.

I stitched close to the folded over edge and did not press until the very end. This method seemed to work out fine for this awkward blackout shade type fabric. Here are the curtains hung in the nursing alcove.

I am linking up with this week's WIP at Freshly Pieced to share the good baby birth news, but for my immediate future, I will be doing some baby holding rather than blog surfing.


  1. What a handsome little (big!) guy ~ congratulations!!! :-)

    Happy snuggling ~ Tracy

  2. Enjoy the baby holding, there's nothing quite like it!

  3. Those curtains are a lifesaver, and rest assured that my little "nursing alcove" gets used at least 3x a night, every night... It's so nice to have a little private space up there! And, they look great as well.