Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Start 'em Early before Heading Home

I am heading back home to California after spending 2.5 weeks with my daughter's family in Oklahoma for the birth of their second child, a boy they named Isaiah. I did some serious baby holding while my daughter worked on the dinosaur themed quilt she is making for her son. She has published a post about it in her blog RobinLovesQuilting. Here is the fabric I bought to make a coordinating crib sheet.

In my previous post I shared a quick picture of Isaiah. In my July 24th post to my other blog WanderOrPonder I told a bit of his birth story and included more pictures. But this is a quilting blog so what do I have to report this week that is fabric related? My daughter and I visited  Sooner Quilts in Guthrie, OK yesterday, the day before I returned home. I am bemused to reveal my grandson in his first quilt store among the bolts of fabric at the ripe old age of 12 days.

Isaiah was quite content during his refreshment break from his mom in the rocking chair next to the patterns.

But this is what happens when you shop  too long. You get a preview of a quilter's husband in training.

I bought some fabric for place mats, a couple layer cakes, a binding stripe, and a book. Thank you Sooner Quilts for having such a great selection and for making my grandson's first shopping experience a welcoming one.

It is good to be heading home and I am itching to get back in my sewing room, but I sure will miss the little guy and his big sister.

 I will get back in my sewing and blogging routine by linking up to this week's WIP at Freshly  Pieced.


  1. Your last photo is precious! It must have been a very special family time, soaking up some newborn goodness together.

  2. In Isaiah's defense, we had been in there shopping for quite a while by that time... And yeah, I'm super proud of my little boy, and glad we're getting him used to the idea of following me around the quilt shop early! I'm also glad we got some "quilting" time in despite how much we had going on then. Van't wait to see you again in October.