Monday, March 17, 2014

Ghastlies Quilt Completed

The Ghastlies quilt is finished! We had a beautiful day here Saturday so my husband acted as my quilt stand in our backyard for the photo shoot. The interplay of the magenta, lilac, olive, and coral bricks with the deadly mauve of the Ghastlies pleases me. I do not tend to gravitate toward black and white but I took a chance with the black and white accents for the delineators between rows and for the binding; I am glad I stepped outside my comfort zone. My FMQ of the swirls, trees, and characters is passable. It will look better after I have washed the quilt and it softly crinkles up a bit.

The quilt back is a bright pop of sunshine in the forest to match our beautiful day and remind the Ghastlies not to be too serious.

A close up of the back shows up my swirls and trees and feature FMQ. Since the Ghastlies figures are on the reverse side of the trees, it is the FMQ of those eerie folk that shows up. It surprised me that it sort of looks like rolling hills among the grove of trees.

 You can sort of see pathways and berms better here where I zoomed in.

After placing my last stitch in the binding, I am happy to be finished. I seldom add a full quilt label. I have often exhausted my capacity for making decisions by that point and am unable to mull over what to say on a label. I usually initial and date my quilts subtly in the lower right corner of the front. This photo shows my trademark signature and a closeup of the zebra binding and yellow backing with its olive dots. After all my agonizing over the size, the final dimensions turned out to be 37" wide x 60" tall.

When I visit my daughter this week, I plan to bring this quilt with me from California to Oklahoma and show it to her in person. I will mail it from there to Boston where my daughter's lifetime best friend lives with her husband and new baby daughter. Best buddies in high school, mutual sounding board for each other throughout college, maid/matron of honor at each other's weddings, my daughter and she are now companions in motherhood. I think that is awesome!

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